HELP , lost game can not get it back

i got a new pc and re downloaded steam and so on but i go on it and i cannot fine the stonehearth game on there please help .
also i have lost my email so i cannot get accsess to it im completly locked out now

hey there @Denserion… any chance you can follow the steps outlined here?

Sadly no i cannot because i access the email it sends me i have lost all use of my old email so i need to change it or something
i tried again but i cannot get to the email
yet thank you for trying

If you had the game already on steam, it should be in your game-list when you redownload steam as far as I know.

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ohh its there i spelt it wrong thank you for help and sorry

thanks @Miturion! :+1:

@Denserion, for future reference, if you have any other account related issues, you can always try reaching out to

have fun! :smiley:

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