Tried contact the support email, but never got a reply

I tried contacting the website a week ago at, but I never got a reply. I was hoping that maybe by posting on here I could get someones attention who could help me.

I backed the project at the Intrepid settler level… and well I’ve never gotten access to anything.

I’ve backed quite a few number of projects, and was just happening to go through some of them when I realized that the alpha was alive and going on this. Anyway, hope someone reads this who can help me out.

Ah, I believe @sdee is monitoring that account and has been away this week!

No need to worry, if you follow the steps here:

And you should be good to go, let me know if you run into any difficulty!


Hah, I somehow managed to miss that FAQ. Thanks so much for the help!


No worries!

You manage to redeem your account and get everything sorted?

Yes, installed and running right now!


Good to know!

I’ll close this thread up now, if you have any other questions feel free to post in the forum or send a message to myself or @SteveAdamo :slight_smile: