Problem with the Download

So I bought the game forever ago during the paypal kickstater week and Ive been trying to downlaod the game but it keeps telling me that they dont have a payment from my email and the contact us page on the actual website isnt working for me. So i was wondering if anyone could help?

Firstly, try the steps in this thread, make sure you’re putting in the same email that you used through Kickstarter:

If that doesn’t work check your Kickstarter account page and make sure the payment went through, and then also see if you have the confirmation and payment emails.

If you can’t access the download, and you definitely did pay for the game then you’ll need to contact radiant at

Let me know what happens!

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hey there @Smancer, welcome aboard!

just out of curiosity, did you back via the Kickstarter campaign (Amazon) or via PayPal?

I backed via the papypal, and ill give that a shot geoffers. :smile:

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excellent! well, give that key resender link a go, and let us know if you get your key squared away…