No Access code to the Alpha?

As the title suggests I have not received an access code.

I paid via paypal after the Kickstarter so I’am unsure if those of us who paid later on will have to wait longer. I pledged enough to receive one of the pets with beta access (I can’t access my paypal from work due to security reasons, so I will have to clarify exact details of the pledge later on).

Other then that I can’t determine why this would be the case?

Anything I have missed? Or has there been a mistake somewhere down the line? Can I contact Radiant over this via email?

Many thanks and have a Happy New Year!

Welcome! Sorry to hear you’re having issues.

First things first - follow all the steps in this post and see where you end up:

Hopefully it resolves the issue!

Did you pay via paypal after the Kickstarter, but still during the two weeks or so where you were entitled to the Kickstarter rewards? If so then yes you will need to contact Radiant if there are still issues :slight_smile:

Try those steps above first and let me know where you get!

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