Haven't received Alpha Key though I pledged for the $50 Kickstarter Package

I backed the game on Kickstarter in May with the Intrepid Settler Pack and still haven’t received my Alpha access key or any notification on its release to my e-mail. I have paypal statements on the transaction, but Kickstarter has a red triangle by my pledge that says “Dropped”. I’m not sure if this was because the transaction was void (I have statements to prove it wasn’t) or if there was a change in the pledges on the Kickstarter page. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Nebula, email contact@radiant-entertainment.com with the email you used to back during the KS and we’ll try to figure this out. Attach any statements you think would be useful.

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*Edit: Seemed that I didn’t actually get the project through Kickstarter, but instead through purchasing it via PayPal.

not to worry… just send the confirmation email from PayPal with your transaction ID to the same address @sdee provided… they’ll get you squared away! :+1:

Just did, hopefully I can still retain all the bonuses in the package, which I imagine shouldn’t be a problem. Really nice to see them offering support in such a prompt manner.

yup, these folks are the bees knees… :smile:

except for @Doug


This might be a bit redundant, you might have already tried it, and I’m sure Radiant will be able to assist, but have you tried these steps?

Actually, @sdee is that support thread worth keeping up? Should people be seeing Stonehearth on their humble page now without having to resend keys and stuff?


Geoffers! I remember you commenting on one of my posts months ago, nice to see someone who has stuck around. I got my Alpha Key and am installing right now, though I never knew that Humble Bundle was setting it up facepalm. Sorry for the hassle Sdee, just me being clueless about news I suppose.

Team Radiant doesn’t permit him to leave, or sleep… or bathe

glad you’re all sorted out though! :+1:

we’ll leave this open to perhaps grab a comment on the guide @Geoffers747 mentioned…

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I knew I recognised your username from somewhere!

And yes, unfortunately as @SteveAdamo has mentioned I am contractually bound to spend 18 hours a day ensuring this place runs like clockwork.

Nobody leaves.


I think if you were a Kickstarter era backer, you still have to get the keys via the resender and then claim them to see it on your Humble Page–but I could be wrong. :slight_smile: If anyone knows differently, let us know!


Well if you don’t.

And we don’t.

Who else is there?

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Chuck Norris… done

Someone from the Kickstarter era who never tried using the Humble Key resender and just had it appear in their account? Chuck Norris probably DOES qualify. XD


Chuck Norris doesnt have to use a “key resender”… keys send themselves to Chuck Norris…


Radiant Team,

I created this account for the sole purpose of finding out about the long overdue fulfillment of my Kickstarter pledge. I have sent several messages through Kickstarter with no response. I have included pictures of my Kickstarter account and would like my keys or a refund please. You can easily check this on kickstarter as well under the same name and email.
Thank you

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I am well aware of the HumbleBundle Key Resender process. There are no keys in my account. And, yes, the same email is used for Kickstarter and HumbleBundle.

Please correct this.


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hey there @humbleroots, welcome to the discourse :smile:

although i am not a member of TR, i’ll page @sdee and @brad, so that they can take a look at your problem. i believe the team is currently taking a bit of time off for thanksgiving, but they should be back in the office on monday.


Hey @humbleroots, I’ve sent your key to you through direct message. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Hi, @sdee! I’m having the same problem as @humbleroots had. Tried contacting in every way and no response. How do I get you my info?