Question about the Kickstarter "Extension" Period

Hey guys,

It looks like I picked up the “Stonehearth Settler Backing, Buddy Pack” preorder a couple days after the kickstarter campaign ended, but I have no records on the kickstarter side. I do have a PayPal receipt that contains the date, amount, and package selected but I never got any sort of followup from Radiant Entertainment to confirm or grant any sort of alpha access.

I’ve emailed the support address listed here, but if anyone knows how to access the Alpha when you preordered during the extension period, I would definitely appreciate some insight!


There was no confirmation mail sent out. You might want to read the following blog entry for an overview of what to do to get access (via Humble Bundle):

In short… your email-address is the key and should be known to Humble Bundle. There you can either download the game directly or get a key for Steam.


That worked! Thanks for the help :smiley:


Awesome! Have fun! :slight_smile:

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You all good to go? Any other questions? :slight_smile:

Aye good to go, enjoying the Alpha now!


Good to hear, if you have any other questions either have a look around or feel free to send a message to myself or @SteveAdamo and we’ll set you in the right direction!

I’ll lock this thread up now seeing as it’s been resolved!

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