Bought Stonehearth on Steam, but I

I bought Stonehearth early access on Steam, love the game! I saw that if i bought the game from the Stonehearth store I would also get a Steam key for playing it on Steam. My question is if I bought it
on Steam (I did) can I download it on a machine I don’t have Steam access on?


P.S. I can’t wait to see this multi player! :smiley:

hey there @Derfman, welcome tot he discourse :smile:

hmm… i’m not sure about this, so i’m going to page @sdee (one of the devs) for you

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Yes and no its drm free so it would be possible to Export them to another PC BUT if you give it to another Person that wouldnt be very Nice to the devs CD

No, this is for my personal use. i wouldn’t do that, besides the folks i game with have it and told me about it! :slight_smile: so, i don’t need a drm key? where can i download it without paying for it again?

You have to download it through Steam regularly, but then you can just copy the game files* and start the game manually on another PC. Though then again, why not just install Steam on that other machine and download it regularly? This way you don’t have to worry about updates yourself.

*) Go to Steam “Library”, right click on Stonehearth, select “Properties”. Then go to the tab “local files” and click the button “Browse local files”. That’s the folder you want.


Thanks Raffo! Well…um…i can access Steam on my…um…work computer, i can’t install it because of our firewall, and no I can’t open the needed ports.:smirk: So i will have to do the updates (if i can) manually. sometimes i have more than ample time while i wait for a job to run, and other times, umm yea…during lunch i would like to jump on and “check things out” you see. :sunglasses:
thanks for the info tho!


Ahhh, workplace firewalls, I see… :stuck_out_tongue:

Then let me rephrase my question: do you think, Stonehearth is the best option to play during “lunch break”? I don’t know about you, but my lunch breaks are not 3+ hours long, which is usually what I need when playing SH… :smiley:

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