Confused. HUMBLEBUNDLE? updates?

I am really confused with the purchase of Stonehearth. somehow im directed to something called humble bundle. i don’t understand why that happens. guess they are working together somehow. that is really confusing for a person like me, who hates buying games online…
I am installing the game as i write, but i don’t know how i would get the game updates… i guess it will make sense in the future.
thanks for reading this:)


I am not good with technical stuff, i really need help here…

If you’ve got Steam, you can set Stonehearth to be automatically updated whenever an update is released. If you’re using just the Humble Bundle site and the installer from it, you’ll have to check back there to download updated versions to install.

For reference, Humble Bundle is an online store that does a lot to support charities and such.

Thank you:) i have steam, but i cant seem to find stonehearth on steam, would you mind linking it for me, and thank you very much!:smiley:

never mind i found it:D just had to google it instead of searching in their own search thingy

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On the Humble Bundle page for your copy of Stonehearth there should be the option to get a Steam key. Copy the key and in Steam, go to the Games menu at the top, and then opt to “Activate a product on Steam”. Pop the key in there and all should be well :slight_smile: .


i DID IT! i could not figure it out myself, i cant thank you enough:) have a great day sir.


As an extra bonus, don’t forget you can choose to opt in to the latest test version of Stonehearth by right-clicking it, going to the Beta tab, and opting in there. This WILL mean some mods like the dev team’s Candledark mod won’t work, but it’ll let you test out the latest stuff. Plus of course you can always opt out of the latest version to go back and play Candledark etc :slight_smile: .

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hey there @beautysmoothie… welcome aboard! :smile:

i’m glad @Teleros got you all sorted out… that’s why we pay him the big bucks! :moneybag: :wink: :+1:

in the event you needed a guide to get setup with the latest developer builds, here’s a link to the official blog post:

and here’s an animated .gif from @deakon:+1:


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