Bought $30 Tier; recieved $15 Tier Link

So, hello all! Been excited for Stonehearth for months; constantly checking in for updates, and was excited to see the release date for the beta finally announced. Did the steps and got the email confirmation. However, even though the first link you go through says I bought the $30 edition, the next one I clicked said I bought the $15, so I thought it was a typo…until noticing I don’t have any of the $30 privileges.

I have 5 images I’d like to post about it, but I can’t since I’m a newly registered user. What should I do?

Check this thread, and click on the link at the top: [Dev Blog] Now Testing the Stonehearth Alpha1 Download Page

I’ve done all that. The link you told me to click is how I got my key in the first place, except it apparently gave me a $15 key and not a $30, even though the first email I received from Humble correctly stated it was a $30…so confused.

In that case, you might want to email all of the Humble Bundle info and receipts, etc, to one of the Dev Team so that they can get you sorted.

Kind of a newbie here…how do I find one or their emails? :slight_smile: I hope they can sort things for you!

aaaandd…welcome aboard!


@Smokestacks I am sincerely surprised that they have not made you a Mod yet… at this rate, you could even challenge Steffers Geodamo for the throne of Moderatus Superiorum nicest guy on teh Discoursez.


Thanks for the quick replies guys. Emailed them : )

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Good, be sure to let us know how it goes! :smile:

Hopefully, with it being a recognised FAQ here, it should be fairly easy to sort out. :thumbsup:

Out of interest, did you originally donate $15 before later upping it to $30?


No, it was always $30.

not a problem… @Smokestacks suggestion was spot on… just follow the suggestion on question #2 from the FAQ, and you should be all set!

PM either myself or @Geoffers747 if you need any further help… good luck! :+1:

edit: oh yeah, and welcome aboard! :smile:


@virageam Sorry to hear you’re having problems! Everyone above has seemed to provide you with the right details.

One thing to add is - find the email confirmation of your payment/ order for Stonehearth. As well as telling you which tier you paid for, it should also contain a transaction ID I believe. Providing the transaction ID and the email address you paid with to Radiant should help speed things up!

Keep us informed on what happens, and feel free to ask any more questions :slight_smile:


Wahoo! Got the problem all sorted out thanks to the support team.

Cheers all! Thread can be closed if needed.


Awesome stuff!

I’ll leave this thread open at the moment as there are a few people having the same problem, so if need be we can merge them all into here!

excellent! but just to be sure, you worked with Humble Bundle… or Radiant?

either way, glad its all sorted… :+1:

Radiant. Sent a message to both, but Radiant replied first. Cheers for good customer service : )