$50 Kickstarter pledge Beta Keys?

Now that the game is in beta (I believe it is anyway) were we supposed to get notified of our second key? I pledged at the $50 dollar level and I believe I should have 2 keys. I used one key at some point but I can’t seem to find where to redeem the second key. Any info would be appreciated.

you find him in your humble account - and the second code was useable since the start :wink:

Your Stonehearth entry at humble should look like this. There is a link at the bottom. Use it to gift a second alpha/beta/final key to a friend.

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I just double checked humble bundle and I don’t show any reference to Stonehearth in there. I see it listed in some old emails (from 2015) but when I go to the page now I don’t see anything. I tried having humblebundle resend all my keys and its definitely not in the list any more.

Its been long enough now that I don’t remember if what I had in humblebundle before ever had 2 keys in it, I assumed that it was because the second key was only redeemable in beta so never followed up on it.

No as you can see in the Screenshot… The second Key was/is avaiable for Alpha/Beta and release. Maybe you used a differend humble account? You should find the entry under Purchases and should be able to search for Stonehearth. Did you “claim” the page during your first humble activation for Stonehearth? Unclaimed pages do not count to your humble libary.

Yeah, I see it from your screenshot and from Wiese2007’s message that both keys should have been usable from the beginning.

As far as I know I only have the one humblebundle account and I have emails from them that do show Stonehearth as one of my products but it’s no longer there it looks like.

I filed a support ticket with humblebundle and will see where that gets me.

I appreciate the info and thanks!

If you don’t see SH in your Humble Bundle list, it may be that you got a key but didn’t claim it specifically to your account. You can get your key regenerated by following the instructions here:

If this doesn’t work, you can let us know too and we can try to look it up.


Thanks for all the help! Turns out though it was a humble bundle issue and they have resolved it now. I see my pledge and the other key is on there.

Thanks again guys!