No key listen in Humble Bundle

I was a $15 kickstarter backer and I understood that I would not get a key until release, but from what I’ve read on the steam discussions it sounds like due to all the delays they’ve released the keys to all the backers. Was I mistaken in what I read?

If they keys have been sent out, I somehow didn’t get one and I need to figure out what to do. heh

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I’ll page @sdee to see if she can help with the issue :smile:


Try getting Humble Bundle to send you your keys first!


Yeah, I did the key resender prior to posting here (should have mentioned that) and got all my keys from previous purchases, but no Stonehearth…

hey its like you have get it - for 15$ you will get it only after the full release ^^ at the moment it is just alpha - so there is no steamkey at the moment for you because steamkey means that you can play it immediately. so you have two options at the moment:

  1. wait for the release
  2. buy the early access on steam and get an extra version after release (so you will have two versions … perhaps the 1 for an friend after release xD)


That’s why I was posting here and asked about it, and why I specifically mentioned my tier, because I just read on the steam message boards that all backers should have access to the keys, and a dev there didn’t counter that.

The fact that another support person here seemed to think I should have one as well and suggested I have Humble Bundle resend it adds credence to that. Perhaps some clarification is in order?


i’ll page @sdee again, should kickstarter backers of the $15 tier have their steam keys at this point?


Thanks, that’s the big question. I’ve seen at least one post on steam about a $15-25 tier backer getting their key. It was on the same post sdee posted on, in fact, but this was back in June of this year.


Yes, all kickstarter backers should have the game by now. It’s not done, but it wasn’t done by the date listed on the kickstarter page, so we thought the best thing to do would be to give everyone access to what we had on the date we had originally listed.

@eqfan592, I’ve sent you a PM with your key. It was listed as deleted, for some reason! Undeleted now.


Thanks so much for all your assistance, and for the friendly attitude of everybody here in general! I’ve got the game on Steam now and am loading it up! :smile: