Second Key for 50$ Tier?

Can someone pls help me? Im tired of reading all those threads and how to to get your second key-guides that doesn’t work for me.

I backed the game on Kickstarter with 50$. The only key i got was the beta key (Pre-release Steam key).
And i never got anything else. I have a copy on steam that works but where is my second key?
I did the “resend my keys”-thing on humblebundle but didn’t work.

Im feeling very lost to this problem since nobody could helped me last year where i ask the same.

nobody can help you this year either or any time in the future
the developers stopped working on the game before all the promised features were added

Is this a joke?

Despite what that page says, the pre-release key is the same as the release key. For the second one, @sdee may be able to help you.


nightmans answer? not a joke but not that usefull.
+max99x already gave the actually correct answer and tagged the person that might help.

I already send a message to @sdee

Thanks to @max99x for the suggestion!