Kickstarter key?

As one of the Kickstarter backers from 3 years ago, I’m wondering when do we actually get a key to this game that we paid for? I’ve tried emailing support multiple times and I never get any response. Seems pretty rough that people who pay for it now via humble bundle or steam greenlight get it immediately but the people who actually paid for this game to get going in the first place get nothing. Doesn’t exactly seem fair.

hey there @Holmium, welcome to the discourse :smile:

anyone who backed the kickstarter should have gotten they’re alpha keys by now, but some of them might have been missed… i’ll page @brad and @sdee to see if they can get you your key. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay; we’re really behind with the support emails. Humble bundle seems to think that your key was deleted. Key sent via PM, let us know if you encounter other difficulties!