Kickstarter 2nd digital download

Hey TR, i was wondering when we would get our 2nd version of the game for us backing 25$+

Are we going to wait untill the game is finished, or did i just miss a mail?


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hey there @asger1231,

though i cant answer this question, because im not part of TR, im sure that either @sdee or @brad will be able to help you out. :slightly_smiling:

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im a bit disappointed I didn’t know about this game when it was in the kick-starter…
I know I would have forked over the cash for it

but I know this would be my reaction now if they had a kick-starter:


As far as I know, that tier meant that you got 2 games (like, one for you and one for your friend).

You should be able to access it since the first release, I think.

More discussion here:


Hey @asger1231, your $25 humble bundle download page should have a gift link inside of it. You send the link to a friend, and they use that to activate their own page. Let me know if it’s missing or otherwise defective!


me and a friend also bought this bundle, we both have our copies although I cant help in how we redeemed them since it was quite some time ago atleast 3 years, but I can confirm that we both have it ^^

Hey there stonehearth, i bought the games 30$ Kickstarter, but i still only have my own key, and actually bought the game for another friend via steam, but my page on humble does not look like the one linked in this thread. i have included a picture to clarify

Note; the deleted key is already claimed by me.

a big fan of you game
Mikkel Hyttel

And here is a second picture, since new members can only add one picture per message;

at release at the end of july as stated in kickstarter on release date

If you read the previous posts in this thread, that seems to be wrong.
im fully aware that it says on release date, but seemingly people have already gotten their extra copies, i also have a thread on steam where people also say it should have been accessible for quite a while by now.

Hey @Axellerate, I’ve sent you a PM.