It's the final...COUNTDOWN!

13 days to go :smile:


i am awfully tempted to shut this down… however, there will likely be many more crop up in its wake…

so, enjoy this thread (and the other 20 that will likely get merged here), i suppose… :smile:


da da dada, da da dadada, do do dodo, do do dododo
and the rest follows…

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What does Dance In The Hall Of The Mountain King have to do with christmas?

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Somehow…i like that reply more than i should :smiley:


You should see the Starbound forums every time there’s an announcement (and I kid you not) 1000 posts of “Awesome!”.


Mad pumped… Cannot wait. I always sit down at my computer to play it and then realize that it isn’t out yet, so I come here to help myself XD.

I think everyone is just super excited and they want to let others know about it. :smiley: So good call. :wink:


Yup…100% agree!

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13 days? well thats too long… :frowning: announced dat before :smiley:

once this game is released i’ll disappear from the grid and only live in stonehearth and online. only time people will see me is to attends to my basic needs. Damn them!!! hehe

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Sadly there is new years eve one day after release :frowning:

yes i see how that could present a problem and i had thought of the stuff clothes with wool and leave it at the dinner table. and enjoy fireworks form inside or by watching through a live camera outside :smiley: more time for stonehearth hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

heheh, well they fooled professional prison guards with that, so I give you a fair chance of succeeding :grin:
On the side note, only 12 days and 19 hours to go! or 307 hours! :confetti_ball:

there must be a way of speeding up time googeling browsing results = empty. guess i have to keep action like a little school girl having to user the restroom

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Somehow that seems so much longer than 12 days and 19 hours…

oh fine

12.5 days is equivalent to:

  • 18,000 minutes
  • 1,080,000 seconds
  • 1.08e+9 milliseconds



I hope no one has unreal expectations from this alpha. I have to keep reminding myself that this is Alpha 1 and will only have the minimum features to even be called a game. It will be nice to see how the code is set up and get to work on some modding.


How is this a number?

I really wish that they would add a 0 to that 13 days to go. That way it would be 130 days to go. The last thing I want is for StoneHearth to release.

Is that Vladimir Putin speaking there? Huh?!

I also would appreciate the current version of the game if i can get it tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue: