It's the final...COUNTDOWN!

Well, lets analyze what you just said there. To start, my profile picture is the flag of former Soviet Russia. Which used a communistic based government. Vladmir Putin is the current head of Russia. The soviet union broke up a while back. To emphasize my point, here is one of Putin’s quotes.

I took great offense to that quote, I definitely have brains.

this thread is already on the “fringe”… let’s not push it over … :wink:

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I have an unqualified surgeon to prove that statement! He has had no surviving patients and has paws…

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This video fits so perfectly with this thread. :blush:

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Pah! Gods like I do not to attend to petty mortal needs like eating! Phhhft!

He was a former KGB officer, though. That has to count for something.

Technically the 30th is just the deadline. They CAN release it earlier guys. :stuck_out_tongue:


They can also release it later. They said around the 30th.

So, it’s possible that they could release it tomorrow?

Well, this would be my reaction if they did release it tomorrow.

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What are we now, lawyers? Language Arts teachers? Don’t be screwin’ 'round with teh words now!

Did anyone else put this on youtube.repeat and just listen to it in a loop for several hours?

Nah, you don’t what that. You want this!

Damn you, now I need to do it again.

Ew. The “Sey, Sey!” was funny but the music was too darn loud. It sounded like a banshee was screaming in my ear.

Then turn the volume down, and I didn’t create the video.

Watch your language.

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I already removed it.

folks… please?

look, go read today’s Desktop Tuesday… :wink:


:frowning: you are a terrible person… :frowning: (jk I still wuv you. just not as much. ;))

12days and counting down.