Countdown to the End Live Stream, Wednesday 6:00 PST (GMT -7)

the last campaign livestream… taking a queue from @Geoffers747, here’s a link to help you be on time… :stuck_out_tongue:


Aawww man… 3 am for me… Guess I’ll just have to watch it when I wake up ^^

4am -_- i’ll watch the recording tvm

3 am for me to xd. Ill have to watch the recording then :(.

2 am for me! Think I’ll have to give this one a miss!

who are you kidding… its not like you actually require sleep… :octocat:

p.s. no idea what that emote represents…

I feel sorry for you guys… Europe, eh? I’ll have to persuade my folks to let me stay up to 10… (I mean hell, its summer)

It’s obviously octocat … :octopus:

Normally I’d stay up but I’m going down to London so need the sleep! Can’t afford to stay up till 6AM!

woo 9pm for me. I hope we get some good last minute donations and shoot past Dwarves :smiley:

i am 98.54% confident we’ll achieve the 750k mark, even without the 2 week Paypal contributions…

and w00t! just realized it will be 8PM for me… :slight_smile:

8:p.m for me! but uhhhh… what is it about?

It’s just the final stream before the end of the kickstarter - I think it will just be a chilled out stream with a bit of Q & A just to see through the end of the kickstarter.

its just the last livestream of the campaign, where:

Tom will be answering questions, maybe doing a little modelling, and
talking about what’s up next for Team Radiant as we count down the
last hours of the Kickstarter!

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It’s gonna be a complete 4 hours of #Tomshot

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I hope the whole crew will be there.

i believe its down to just Tom now… one man, taking on the interwebz…