Virtual Pizza Party - Livestream May 28th 2PM Pacific, 10PM UK

Just in case some of you hadn’t seen the kickstarter update, and to remind those of you who have, but have since forgotten, Radiant will be doing a live stream where we can watch them eat pizza.

They will also be answering our questions in the stream chat, but the stream will mostly be about the pizza - it can be watched [url] here [/url]

Check here for timezone difference: Event Time Announcer - Pizza Party


being the health nut i am, light on the cheese for me… thanks! :smiley:

will absolutely be tuning in for this one… one way or another…


But, you’re not invited …

Is your name Geoffers as in GE offers?

It’s Geoffers as in Geoff ers … does that clarify things?

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Yea, sorry. I play Runescape which has the grand exchange (GE) I thought maybe you did too, looking at your name

Ha no worries :), It throws a few people who do pronounce it Gee Offers.

Edit: I used to play runescape, I log in probably once a year, haven’t been on in a long time.

Dang it… Another tuesday!!

no it’s cool… my mom called Tom’s mom, and she said i can come over… dibs on the sleeping bag!


You get to stay over?! That is so unfair. I have to be in bed by 7 :frowning:


D: Invite me to the party!!!

So it’s Jeffers, you say?

Less J and more G but definitely.

Hey guys, check here if you’re unsure about the time (hope it works)


Looking forward to the stream, but as usual I have to watch it at least one day late. For us in Sweden the stream starts at 23:00, and that doesn’t go well with getting up to work 06:00 on wednesday morning… It is a shame that the chatlog is not saved together with the stream (at least as far as I know), because the conversations there can also be fun and interesting.

However, it will be fun. As long as they keep descent table manners :wink:

Less J? It must be pronounced like “gheffers”, then.

No I meant, remove the J and put a G there, not less J sound and more G sound!


Nearly. It has taken too long for people to understand how to pronounce my name.

More like:

Gur - orf - forts.

Its almost time for the party in my zone, am I early(By early I mean like 2 hours early)? Can I start eating?