[Finished] Starbound

Yes, yes. I am doing another giveaway… except this time I’m not using spare games that I got… I actually just bought this for a giveaway! I just love giving things… maybe a bit too much.

Anyway, this will be like my last (and first) giveaway, if you reply saying “I want to win because…” then add a reason, you will be entered! Please only enter once, I will be checking!

The winner will be selected tomorrow, at 6:30 PM (GMT). Consider this a Christmas present, future winner!

Good luck everyone!

PS: If you already have the game, please don’t enter. It is just unfair.

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Gah! I don’t have a Steam account!

Well, maybe next time.

Then make one! It’s free. :wink:

  1. I do have the game

  2. I am not entering

  3. I simply wanted to point out your awesomeness… :wink:

good luck to those who enter… the game is a blast!


I do try… :wink: Thanks!

I want to enter this contest, but I might be getting the game for Christmas! If I don’t, I just missed my chance of winning it! D:

EDIT: I want to win because the game looks well made, and I want to play with all you stonehearthians! If I get the game for Christmas, I will give the won game to my friend, who also wants it! xD

Wait, if I install Steam and make an account on the old HP desktop I’m using right now, can I install Steam and use my account on my new Lenovo multi-media and gaming laptop?

I just wanted to make sure because I don’t want to game on this old, outdated desktop I’m using.

Yes, yes you can! :smiley:

  1. I don’t have the game

  2. I am not entering

  3. I want to back Steve in pointing out your awesomeness… :wink:

It looks fairly fun, but not quite for me, and if you have seen the Christmas thread, you’ll see why I don’t really need it anyway… :stuck_out_tongue:


yes you can dwarf but you have to confirm first that you have an other pc. I think by email or something. Never done it, but it is possible.

I will enter the giveaway!

Otherwise I cannot see your awesomeness you made on the server. :blush:

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I Want to win because, I do not have the game and would really Love to play the game, please, thanks, I look foward to seeing the winner. Steam name is kire_36

I want to win because its a really great concept for a game and i like the premise of exploring new planets and building bases

I want to win because I promised my friend a christmas gift and destroyed em in RUSE :smiley:

I want to win because the universe has told me that winning is an essential aspect of the life experience. Since I have never won anything before I think I am missing out on this important aspect of living.

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I want to win because I heard it is a really enjoyable game and I’d like the chance to enjoy it as well :smile:

I want to win but I already have the game but If I do somehow win I would still like to have it to give to a friend of mine so I can play with him.

I… I will allow that.

If you feel I don’t deserve it then don’t put my name into the draw (Quite frankly my friend don’t deserve this game but as you can guess I am the best friend a guy can have, hence the saying “Dogs are man’s best friend”)

If you don’t think he deserves it, then just go ahead and withdraw… I’m leaving the choice up to you.

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I want to win because all my friends on Steam have it and I want to play with them.