Indie Spotlight: Starbound!

Hello again, my fellow peons onliners/browsers/virtual friends! Since I have recently been informed (by myself) that there is no thread on Starbound and its discussion, I figured that now would be a good time to start something up. So come on in, and please do tell about what got you interested in it, what intrigues you the most, whether or not you will actually buy it, etc. So, fire away!

I had heard about it in the Indie Games in the Spotlight thread from a while back, and heard of it a few times before that, but I thought that now would be a good time to jump onto its ship before it takes off (pun intended). Anyway, even though it looks like Terraria, I am actually really excited about this one, unlike Terraria. (Granted, I have played Terraria, and it was fun, but guns, robots and aliens. And starships).


really looking forward to Starbound… pledged for it several months back, and have been visiting the site at least once every couple of weeks…

i really enjoyed terraria, and this certainly seems to scratch the same itch! its worth mentioning, that terraria is receiving a major update on Oct 1st (i believe)…

but yeah, Starbound… :+1:


The soundtrack alone is impressive as it is, but add the whole game to it…

…I might disappear for a while this winter. Please hold my calls and cancel any upcoming appointments.


…but what about December…?

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Looking forward to it also, picked some level of pre-purchase a few months ago.

Trying not to visit the site though, because I’d rather not give myself spoilers. The game seems to be a lot about exploration, so no sense in ruining the fun.

I bought Terreria but never played it… can’t say why. Looks kinda blah.

Basically the same thing with me. I played for about 20 minutes, but the tiny blocks were so annoying. Anyway, one thing that you should know about, even if you don’t want any spoilers, is that a grapplehook tech demo video is on their site now. FYI

haha! i was going to mention this as well, as it is all sorts of awesome…

the team member working on this had a few blog entries where he was … grappling with the concept, but it certainly seems to have worked out… lots of different mechanics at play there!

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I think they tentatively expect Starbound to be out in winter, that’s what I meant. So by “disappear,” I mean “hole up in the Atra Cave and game my brains out.”

Of course, if you meant Stonehearth’s beta coming up… well, sleep’s overrated anyway.


never, in my illustrious gaming career, have i had so many titles on the horizon, or currently in my queue…

all fanboyish-ness aside however, SH will be occupying my time for the whole of january (at a minimum)… i’ve already resigned myself to that glorious fate… :smile:


Homework, sleep, studying and anything to do with academics, can just be ignored, i hope the game comes out early in December in all honesty, so i can enjoy the game over Christmas break… if not, i’ll have it for weekends and homework, can, well, rot slowly in the depths of my book bag, as by the time SH comes out i will have my own computer, and will block all the doors to my room with my furniture.


What, you don’t already?


i wouldnt put any :moneybag: on that… but a boy can dream… :wink:

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-Dogfighting Module for StarCitizen
-Stonehearth beta
-Planetary Annihilation (had no money for beta)

-8 exams (of the gargantuan kind)

My horizon looks treacherous :sweat_smile:


Mmm, In my late 2013 (December really) category I’ve got 3 games. Only 3 of them but all of them I’ve been fervently tracking for months. They are

An online sandbox MMO built around modding (With permadeath).
A Sandbox City Builder with lovecraftian horrors, awesome steampunky stuff, and modding.
A Sandbox City Builder with lovecraftian horrors, awesome steampunky stuff, and built around modding.

Stonehearth is number 3. I truly fear for my life sanity sleep with all the awesome gaming and modding that will become available.

PS: I’ve looked at Starbound before, seems a bit too much like Terraria so far for me but I’ll keep watching it.

curious, which is #2?

its exactly like Terraria… its just an “evolved” version… significantly evolved… :wink:

Clockwork Empires. It seems to be Steampunk + Lovecraft for lore and more DF like than Stonehearth as a city builder. Not really sure though as neither is out. Number 1 was Topia, which should be awesome when it’s actually out which it’s finally approaching.

As for the Terraria/Starbound thing, Starbound is a more generated sci-fi Terraria. Terraria was fun but it wasn’t good enough that I’d buy Starbound without some serious consideration. I mean I could always play Terraria if I wanted to so Starbound would have to show me how it’s that much better than Terraria, it looks like it could be (Yay mac support!) but I’m going to wait till beta is out before thinking about buying it. Got enough stuff to play anyway.

/jaw drops. No way, made by the same people as Dungeons of Dredmor! So awesome!

Yeah Dredmor was cool too, reminds that I need to get back to the Dredly UI, stupid tough ui layout decisions. Activate the guns and let ho the code will likely be my solution, although splitting this off into a Clockwork Empires/Dredmor thread could be useful before this gets any more off topic.

Bought it some time ago, but I dunno when the ETA for it is. Anyone know?

EDIT: I’m more or less excited by the amount of creativity you can employ while creating your own space stations and multiple bases on several planets. That and the exploration.