Hurrah, the return of Terraria!

So after a few years of Terraria being completely untouched update wise and though it was ported to the xbox I didn’t think the updates would make it to the computer. But Thankfully after such a long wait we finally have a new update with all sorts of things like walking fish, giant men with mouths that have dropped to the floor plus nice hair and many other monsters, biomes and other things have come with the update. Hope everybody’s ready for the return of Terraria!


I can’t wait either, we can play together! YAAAAAY! If we get a server, don’t ask me, i just used my money for steam, i can’t get a server.

for the uninitiated, click here:wink:

looking forward to the update!

You can download Logmein Hamachi, I don’t know how trustworthy it is but I do know that it let’s you play on and host servers somewhat easier. I mainly use it for terraria and Garry’s mod but it is pretty useful for making free servers that can work

Well, if we do get a server, count me in! Terraria is interesting again, suddenly…

Exactly after running out of fun and content, at least almost so it’s finally fun again!

ok, fired up steam… downloading 1.2 now! :smile:

time to read up on all the massive changes

Wow !! That are a lot of Changes… just did a fast read through and i have to say its kinda stunning. The problem i had with terraria up till now was the motivation to play it again once u had all things in the game. Perhaps now its worth another look. Anyways it is a great game for looong looong nights :smiley:

Over 1000 new items??? 0.o

It’s simply amazing all that there’s to do in Terraria now. I think I’ll make a server for all us Stonehearthian’s to play on soon


That would be awesome :smiley:

That would be awesome indeed!

well, i spent an hour or so stumbling around, trying to recall all the basic recipes…

it was like playing for he first time, all over again… :smile:

I never even knew them so I just get all the resources I can find and see if they have any use

What it Terraria? and whats it about? Sorry don’t hate on me please… :wink:

Well, for the sake of simplicity, it’s 2D, side-scroller-ish Minecraft. However, it is actually quite different beneath that preconception.

Or for an alternative to ret’s explanation think half minecraft half rpg. You have most of the freedom of minecraft in building but there is a large combat system, bosses, massive amount of items, economy, and a lot of monsters. All 2d though.

Thank you @Xavion and @ManOfRet for the explanation one more question does is have good game play? and also is there a main goal?

There’s loose goals with things like get the best items and defeat the bosses but not really a proper goal. The game play is pretty good if you like the style but some might dislike it. Another major difference for you between minecraft and terraria, in terraria there are worlds and characters, you can send any of you characters to any worlds and they’ll keep their stuff while conversely you could send a character to a different world and use buildings you built there with other characters.

So lookie here all I got a umbrella hat!

Wow that picture is small