How Many People Here Have Terraria?

Hi there.

Since I have Terraria, and I’m guessing a few others have it too, I thought that making a Terraria Server dedicated to the Stonehearth Community would be awesome. And the best part about that is that making a Terraria Sever is free, based on my standards. :smiley:

But, I want to know how many people here have the Game, because I don’t want to make a Server if only a tiny amount of people here play the game.

So, how many people here play Terraria? :question:

I have the game but I am not interested in playing a server

I’d play on a server if I had it.

I have it, but as @Newf said, I’m not very interested in playing it at the moment.

Starbound, however, I will play, simply because I’m not done exploring all of the new stuff.

I will play with you! ;D

Alright, so thats:

Yes: 1 1/2 (1/2 Because Dino doesn’t have the game)

No: 2

Anyone else?

I have terraria and would gladly play. It has been so long that I might be very noobish at the beginning :stuck_out_tongue:

I have but i can’t play it by the time :frowning:
also fits more in the other games category.

I have the game and would most certainly play

I do have it, and please dont scold me… but I find it rather boring :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright so it’s:

Yes: 4

No: 2

If it reaches five, I’ll download Hamachi and the Terraria Server Software, make the world and Server, and then we’ll have our own Terraria Server!

And yes, 5 seems kinda small, but I’m sure more people will be interested in it after a while the Server opens.

If we do make a server, can we set up some rules, like no griefing?

I’m working on the rules, the name, and things like that.

I’d love to join, but I’m afraid I bought Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate, so… I’m rather pre-occupied with that. But would probably join in on occasion if you start the server.

It’s five! I’m going to start working on the Server.

I have it and still need to play it more. So will probably join if time allows.

I haven’t played Terraria in years or Starbound in awhile, I might join and check things out if something gets going.

OK. So, I’m about 50% Done Making THe Server Lobby in TEdit, which will contain a Stone Castle Tower, A House for the Guide, A Water Fountain, Another House, and maybe an extra House or Pond with a Bridge going over it.

About how long till the opening? Also, I can help make the rules