Minecraft meet up!

I have noticed tons of mentions of minecraft around the forums, and wondered if anyone was interested in having a minecraft meet up! We don’t have to wait for Stonehearth to be released to play together with the ALMIGHTY VOXEL.
So, is anyone interested in having a minecraft meet up? I would be willing to open a server for it if we have interested players, or we could use an already made server. I would prefer to avoid using anyones public server.

Yea sure :slight_smile: my user is Patfor333

I might if I get some sudden need to play it, but probably not, Minecraft went incredibly dull and boring for me sadly…


Mods help keep it fun, ha. Feed the beast Ultimate modpack

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I don’t want to do any advertising, but I happen to have a 24/7 Minecraft server. :3

I’d definitely play Minecraft with people :smiley:, I haven’t sat back and played minecraft in awhile

So any IP’s? I want to join someone

[quote=“Quel, post:3, topic:738, full:true”]
I might if I get some sudden need to play it, but probably not, Minecraft went incredibly dull and boring for me sadly…[/quote]

Have you tried the snapshots lately? 1.6 is shaping up to be pretty awesome, it is interesting enough to make me start up a new word for the new content. The world that I normally play is an Alpha world that even the Adventure Update couldn’t get me to leave, but the promise of ponies and new treasure has finally lured me away.

People always get mad at me when they see how I play Minecraft. I have the game modded all to hell. When I swing my pickaxe entire regions in the game cease to exist.


Port :25565

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Throws an error. “Can’t resolve hostname” correct IP?

Sorry, I think I got it to work now???

Up and running.
Is Home computer hosted.
In Canada

I can host a 24/7 server with pretty much unlimited amount of player space if you need ;o

Otherwise great idea

I have a server already that we have tested as holding 800 players without lag, it has 1337 slots…

Oh yeah. Well I’m sure that’s a better Idea

If anyone is up for it I’m jumping on now :smiley:
edit: It’s not letting me join in, keeps saying it unavailable is a typical LAN address. We only could join if we were in the same LAN as Robbie. You would have to forward Port 25565 in your routers settings to the machine your mc server runs on, @Robbie86.
But it would be better to use a dedicated server for this. So if Zoin or Galphan could host one, that would be nice. :wink:

Question is: Whitelisted or public?

@Chocwise I already tried that, same thing

Well you’d need to give us your WAN-IP as well. :wink:
Meaning the IP this website, for example, displays:

EDIT: Oh! And before this problem comes up: You need to open port 25565 on your desktop firewall as well, if you have one.

EDIT²: Oh! It’s you, @Pandemic. XD
You don’t have to forward or open anything. We clients have to wait for Robbie to get his routers’ and firewalls settings straight and then give us his WAN-IP.