Multiplayer playing with idea

I have a idea for a multiplayer game,
I and @kasmat, already played Stonehearth together. But I have a idea, when I was by my friends playing minecraft we have rolls. Somebody was a foodproducer, miner, crafter or builder. So if we do this in Stonehearth. Then we need 4 people. Then somebody has workers, crafters, fighters or food producers. Then you can trade items with other players. My laptop can run about 40 hearthlings. The mods? The only mod we need is EXTRA MAP OPTIONS from @BrunoSupremo, for the large map. If you also want to do this together? You only need to be good at English writing and live in Europe for time zone. So are you in? I can’t wait to see 2 other joinable players.:jubilant:

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Well, sinc my pc cant run more than 30-40 hearthlings, when ever we play with friends we have roles. There is no reason to have a crafter for everyone :smiley: What we usually do is have someone go with agriculture (farmers, shepard, cook) Have someone go the military rout (just a bunch of soldiers) And have someone with crafters.

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So you are in?

this often happens when i play multi with people in this game :slight_smile:
if you want people to play with i would advise looking up the stonehearth ACE discord, (there are more people looking for multiplayer for this game there)
other hint would be to post your steam name so people can find you and add you.

beyond that, i’d advise against the large map option, and even go so far as advising you play on the small map. even with 4 people that gives plenty of space, and the improvement in performance that gives is WELL worth it for multiplayer.


i live in holland (in Europe for those who dont know) and i would love to play muiltiplayer with you my english is pretty good and i got disc and skype and my computer can handle about 35-45 my steam name is Panda Warrior

In my experience iv noticed that having a player or two live underground seems to make it run better. Especially if they are all living on different slices. Had 4 people playing one map with around 20-25 villagers each cuz we just lived on our own slices and never had to render more then one kingdom at once.

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There are several other possible benefits to this strategy:

  • massively reduced “open areas” = lower pathfinding complexity since there are much fewer potential paths to consider

  • less buildings, which means a lot less to keep track of (not just the buildings themselves but also like not needing to keep track of so many tasks when doing construction, etc.)

  • any light sources are going to be “contained” by the rooms they’re in, so there’s generally a lot less shadows etc. to compute.

  • the sheer “sprawl” of an underground town tends to be much less than that of an above-ground town

  • less likelihood of over-farming, cutting too many trees, and so on in the early-game since space is limited, and this can in turn help curb the rampant over-production of items moving into mid-game as hearthlings get better at their jobs (e.g. farmers producing more, and cooks making better food so less ingredients get used up than before)

It’s well worth trying out, if for no other reason than the unique twists on the gameplay that it encourages… but yeah it’s definitely an eye-opener when it comes to building compact and efficient towns too!