Awesome Voxel Games to Play!

Welcome to a thread where you can talk about upcoming and current voxel games, find people to play with, and find new games to play. And as @SteveAdamo says:

(Old Question: Resolved)

Hello All, At this current point in time - I’ve official stopped playing Minecraft (due to insane boredom). I tried PvP, Mods, Mod-packs, Mini-games, and pretty much everything - until I realized that the game just wasn’t meant for me. Back then Minecraft was the only game I played, and since then I planned that Stonehearth would take its place, but its taking a while - and I miss having my own character in a 3D voxel world. I tried hunting for another voxel game myself, but most of my findings were too boring or had a weak emphasis on building. So I decided to let my Stonehearth Discourse buddies help me find something that fits my playstyle. Here are the requirements for the game, if it lacks one - it’s gonna be ruled out completely:

  • Voxel-based
  • Some form of Multiplayer (No LAN, Servers Please!)
  • A Strong Emphasis on Building & Crafting
  • Some Decent Graphics
  • Customizable 3D Player Avatar
  • A Smooth UI (Don’t ask - OCD does things to people…)

Thanks Stonehearthers, and hopefully you’ll be able to help me out :smiley: . Something else to note is that I would like for the game to not have violence or combat toggle-able. (I like to build without worrying that a strange creature will come and blow it up - cough Creepers) Thanks once again!

Have you thought about involving yourself into modding? You could download Qubicle Constructor and play around a bit with models from Stonehearth. You could also dig into the Graphics Test and see what you can do… even start to animate some things could be fun (and useful once Stonehearth is out and you want to mod it).

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Go outside and grab a stick. Wave it around some. Congratulations, you now have the world’s greatest toy.

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well, Timber & Stone meets the bulk of those requirements… unfortunately, there is no violence toggle at this point… :smile:


Well to meet most requirements, Cube World is pretty cool from what I’ve seen, however unfortunately I haven’t played it. I think combat is a must, however I don’t know how easy it is to just stay out of fighting. I believe they would like building implemented, just don’t have it yet? Major citations needed, @SteveAdamo, @Geoffers747, @ManOfRet, you guys know anymore? I know you all have the game…:stuck_out_tongue:

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Cube world is all exploration and combat… no construction aspect (I’m not sure if it’s planned either)…

But it is all sorts of voxel fun! :+1:

To be fair… With all those preferences… or demands even… all I can think of is minecraft…

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I was thinking the same, they described Minecraft. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say cube world as well, but it’s missing this:

And Steve mentioned T and S already and hits the spot.

and it misses this:

I’ve tried googling around a bit… But I’m near completely sure you just described MC. Or I must have missed something… then I’m an idiot ^^

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There’s this (developing) game called Trove, it looks interesting. I don’t know much about it, but it might fit your needs. Have a look:

And if you’re legit hardcore for this, they’ve got a donating thingy goin’: Store | Trove

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i quite literally, just learned about this over the weekend… :+1:

looks promising, but the FTP aspects still need to be ironed out…

some of the early footage looked fun (the integration of building tools)…

there are only a few YT videos floating around, but they’re worth watching…

I got into the Trove Alpha, but god, I can run Skyrim on Ultra, yet on this game I get 4 FPS… wat?

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ooo, you’re in the alpha? hmm… i think i signed up, but i rarely check the email associated with the registration… :smile:

other than the horrid performance, are there any redeeming qualities?

Well, when you only get 4 FPS, you can’t really play the game at all, heh :stuck_out_tongue: but, the cornerstone aspect (your own plot of land to build on you can take with you, and place down - server to server), is kind of cool, the graphics are also pretty nice, but that’s all I can tell ya so far until this performance issue is fixed, it slows down my computer to a slow crawl, so I’m thinking their is a memory leak problem or something of the sorts. :thumbsup:

Here is what I can show:

I also applied for TROVE alpha. Timber&Stone somehow doesn’t look as appealing as Stonehearth to me.

Check out R.O.A.M :wink:
Cool survival game with heavy base building. Scheduled for january2014.

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Dude… CoD 4 is the answer. Me and my brother just got back into CoD 4 and it is super fun. Also play with friends, host a server and play with your friends. It helps a lot, at least until SH comes out. That’s what I’m doing. =D

I have to say… Roam looks pretty awesome :slight_smile: and never heard of trove! (So I guess I’m an idiot? :P)
@CaptainMC Call of Duty… isn’t even… NEAR what he’s asking for :slight_smile:

EDIT: @Valiance I think I found something… It’s called “Vox” check it out.

It’s still in Alpha I believe but maybe you can have a bit of funzies!

Edit edit: Confirmed, it’s already purchaseable (< help me with spelling here) and it seems like it still needs alot of polishing! :slight_smile: But I think it’s a great temporary replacement :smiley: (jeezz… the amount of (re)searching I’ve done for you)
You can lock on a target and move around them, like in some zelda games… You can craft items and weapons and fights are real time.

Just NOTE THAT I don’t own this game nor have I ever played it at someone else’s place… So I can’t promise anything about how fun it will end up to be :slight_smile:

Roam looks really good. It even catches my interest in the declining fad of zombies. Looks like a survival game with different twists than I’ve played before.

Only problem with ROAM is that i arrives in january… :clock930:
My god i don’t want to wait anymore for the Stonehearth preview :frowning:

Rimworld doenst meet the first criteria (voxels), or a few of the others, to be honest… but i have been having a ridiculously good time with what the developer has termed an “alpha” release… it is more solid, and more fun than any alpha i have ever played… :+1:

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