What indie games are on your radar?

Pretty much what the title says, what other games are you guys keeping tabs on, or looking forward to?

For me it’s:

  • [urlhttp://gnomoria.com/] Gnomoria [/url]
  • [urlhttp://www.playstarbound.com/] Starbound [/url]
  • [urlhttp://stardewvalley.net/] Stardew Valley [/url]
  • [urlhttp://projectzomboid.com/] Project Zomboid [/url] (Although I’m not too sure about the new website design)
  • [urlhttp://www.timberandstonegame.com/] Timber and Stone [/url]

Also, have any of you guys tried/ heard anything about [urlhttp://www.survivor-squad.com/] Survivor Squad? [/url] Not sure what to make of it.


I can’t wait for:

  • Stardew Valley
  • Star Command
  • Secrets of Grindea
  • Starbound

Star Command is out on iOS - and if I’m honest, it’s a little disappointing …

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I liked FTL and want to give Star Command a try. It’s on iOS now but it’s coming on Android and PC/Mac soon.

Ah I didn’t know it was coming to PC! I think star command has the potential, but it’s not capitalised on that in any way, coming from FTL myself, I think I was just expecting a bit more. But it’s still a fun little game considering it’s only like £3,

  • Topia
  • Erenor
  • Starbound
  • CodeSpells
  • Ironclad Tactics
  • Clockwork Empires

I think that Star Command will get better after the release for PC/Mac because it will become the playground for new stuff.

Im loving Gnomoria right now.
Other games im looking forward to are all from kickstarter:

  • Planetary Annihilation
  • Forasken Fortress
  • Castle Story

However, Stonehearth is the only one ive backed.

I want to add three :smile:

Planet Explorers

Grim Dawn


  • starbound
  • delver’s drop
  • roam

stonehearth is, by far, the game i am most looking forward to…


Hmmm, a lot of new games here to check out… :smile:

I’ve been following/playing Kerbal Space Program, though it’s already ‘out’ so I’m not sure that counts. I just downloaded Star Command, trying to get the hang of it. It’s cute, but I’m not sure how deep it’s going to be.


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Stonehearth, War of the Overworld and Rogue Legacy

There’s a few here I’ll have to check out!

Also [urlhttp://www.reusgame.com/] Reus [/url] was released yesterday, I’ve played it for a couple of hours but it seemslike quite a nice fun game.

I’ve been looking into a metric ton of indie games but the ones I’m looking most forward too are:
Timber and Stone
Binding of Isaac Rebirth


I have been playing Gnomoria almost exclusively since Sept 2012
I like that the Dev (only one guy) releases a weekly patch. This always keeps me interested.
I also discuss Stonehearth at the Gnomoria forum so it’s cross promoting.

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thats out now my friend… and its an absolute blast… but i may be somewhat biased… :smiley:


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Planet Explorers - Build your own Swords, Vehicles and Guns and explore an awesome alien world. Plus there is a demo available!
(Video 1, Video 2, link to demo)

Delvers Drop - Rouge-like physics based adventure game, with a cool collection of classes.
(Video 1, Video 2 (totalbiscuit))

TUG - Voxel based adventure game with a huuuge focus on immersion and narrative. Kickstarter

other kickstarter games include


Is there away to just post my Green Light favorite list on steam?

Some lit, others need some love.
Project Black Sun

Secrets of Grindea
Wayfarer: The Outer Reaches
UnepicStardew Valley
Secrets of Grindea
Cardinal Quest II
Papers, Please
(I have an pixel and a fantasy addiction.)

Also, long live FTL.


@wraithbone @Senkrads thanks for the comprehensive lists… :slight_smile:

clicks furiously

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Divergence: Online, a MMORPG with perma-death, not a WoW clone, and beautiful graphics.

Trials of Ascension, a MMORPG with perma-death, not a WoW clone, innovations, and player made content.

Star Citizen, a sci-fi wind commander and open world game of fun.


Bout it. I’m kind of tugging in-between ToA and Divergence. Really tough choices. Do I sacrifice the graphics for better gameplay and features? Or do I go with AAA graphics and randomly generated world on the fly like Minecraft.