How do you find out about the indie games you play?

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I found out about Stonehearth through serendipity and Steam Greenlight. Thankfully I saw it while it was still in Kickstarter. I have since learned of several indie titles through the forums here, but I am frustrated that in general interesting games have to get a relatively big following before I hear about them. Usually I only hear of them long after their Kickstarter and other similar campaigns have ended so I never have the chance to get in on the ground floor, as it were.

So I’m wondering, how do you all learn about new games, specifically indie games, that are in early development?

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The big one’s usually crop up on twitter, or in the media somewhere.

But for everything else, I tend to give IndieGaming a browse, I can’t speak of the community there as I don’t know anything about it, but it seems pretty on the ball for the majority of indie games out there.

I found Stonehearth on Sjindie Games, a microseries by Sjin from Yogscast. The next two I’m checking out are Hammerwatch and the Papers, Please games, both demonstrated by Lewis and SImon, the founders of the Yogscast. (I’m a bit of a fan.)

Sjindie games.

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I’ve found games vial a ton of methods ranging from random links on Reddit tangential searches of games in a genre to digging through over 700 games on Greenlight. I found Stonehearth by chance on Greenlight i think in the first few hours of its Kickstarter. I found Towns and Gnomoria by googling “dwarf fortress like games”. I found the Doublefine adventure and kickstarter via reddit.

my two favorite sources for all things “indie”… :slight_smile:

Go, Yognauts! It is very entertaining.

I follow regularly sites like



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Between Gamasutra, Facebook, and crowd-funded websites like Kickstarter I find a good amount of great games!

Well, the Cube World Forum introduced the game ‘Timber and Stone’ and the T&S forum introduced me this.
3 Voxel-graphic game at a row :stuck_out_tongue:

I usually browse kickstarter, that’s how I found out about Stonehearth, Timber and Stone, Castle Story, and ROAM

I found stonehearth because of sjindie games,
as well as:
@ManOfRet and @bitassassin .

I found stone hearth because of paulsoaresjr which is how I’ve found my last 2 games( his stonehearth demo can be found here: YouTube ) other than that usually its just from my nephew who lives on the net and seems to find everything as soon as it goes up

After I found my first indev indie: Cube World, I siged up for Cube World Forum. Amazing community so I just forum there all the time, barely talking about Cube World. Anyway, I normally find Indie Games through that, e.g. Stonehearth, Castle Story, Starbound, etc…

Also, I was Sjin from the Yogscast who normally does 1-2 ‘Sjindie Games’ episodes a week. So I can see what is new, and if you didn’t already know, he done one on Stonehearth. And, funnily enough, that isn’t how I found Stonehearth, but I was like O.O when I saw it on his channel.