How Did you Get Into Stonehearth?

Well, this topic is about a game we all know and love: Stonehearth! I just want to know your rocky, bumpy road to finding this little gem of a game.

For me, it started when I found Cube World Forum (My second forum, first being Minecraft Forums). I participated there a little and then some people started mentioning a game: Stonehearth. If you dig in deep enough, you can find a topic I made about it. Anyway, I decided to scour the internet for more info about Stonehearth, and found Team Radiant’s Kickstarter. Sadly, it was a few months over, so I read the page and watched the video.
I thought it was pretty cool, and got on to the official site. I read all the Desktop Tuesdays, the random updates, and the occasional music update. To my delight, I found that Radiant had a Discourse! I made an account, and the rest is history.

So, adventurer… What’s your story?

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Saw GenerikB put on the stonehearth kickstarter video.

      About One Year ago, my Family had an Exchange Student from Italy. It was a sunny April afternoon, and I was on my Family's old HP Desktop from 2007. So he comes over and asks me if I heard about this interesting game on Kickstarter called Stonehearth. I said no and he told me all about it. 

      After telling me about it, I instantly fell in love with it,  despite that at the time, I had no Idea what the game actually would look and feel like. Hell, at the time, I didn't even know what Kickstarter was! No Kidding. A few days later, I went onto After this strange Crowd-Funding Website called "", and after extensive Searching, I found what I was looking for. After watching the Video, as well as the rest of the Information placed right on the Project's Profile, I instantly knew what I had to do. 

      I created an Account and pledged $30 to the infant Game. Though I pledged to the game during the first few weeks of the Kickstarter, it wasn't until the end of next Month, May, to be exact, that I had discovered "" and the Stonehearth Facebook Wall, and one of the first things that I had noticed was not the Dev Blogs, but the Discourse Forum. I looked through the Forums and found it to be amazing. I then decided to join it. The rest is history.

     It's been a good year on the Forum. I enjoy talking with people on the forum, and supporting the Game that the Forum and Community is based on. It's amazing to see how this Forum has grown and how many familiar faces like Alfie, Newf, and so many others have contributed to the forum. It's quite hard to believe that a year has passed by. 

Congrats To Everyone Who Has Contributed To The Forum And Game And Help Create The Best Community

. . .

Ever! :smile:

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My team lead at VMware told me he was leaving to start a gaming company. For months before he left (while he was working out the transition) he’d come in with a notebook that he was filling with concept art in his free time. The first piece of the game I saw was a beautifully proportioned pencil sketch of a cathedral, being worked on by adorable little guys. The guys were familiar; he used to draw them in the margins of our UI specs, to illustrate things like transferring data from one tab to another. He didn’t name the game Stonehearth till almost a year later, though. :wink:


I found it just searching about on kickstarter, and it stole my heart away. some would say love at first sight.


Tom, Tony, and you worked at VMware?

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got lucky and found it in steam greenlight right around the start of the kickstarter

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@Geoffers747 and I were strolling on a moonlit beach in the Kiwi Islands… we happened to stop by a palm frond café, oddly enough with wifi access…

i thought to myself, “gee, i haven’t taken a look at KS in ages… i should take advantage!”

i stumbled across the campaign page, saw Tom and Tony’s grinning faces (well, Tom’s anyways), and was immediately smitten… once @Geoffers747 was able to overcome his jealousy, and see the beauty of SH, he was sold as well…

that was a massive lie, and huge buildup to what is the actual truth

i had been scouring KS, as is my usual routine, and pledged within minutes of discovering the project… the rest is blissful history… :smile:


I have for a long time been a big fan of the Yogscast, I saw Sjin’s video and decided to use kickstarter for the first time and backed stonehearth. Once the Kickstarter ended I lurked about these forums until deciding to make an account and post.

And I bet some of that history was putting an advertisement of The Stonehearth Kickstarter on another forum to trick some unlucky sods and then watch evilly as you slowly deprived them of their money


Not much to say. I found it on kickstarter and fell in love with the graphic and the concept :slight_smile:

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Someone mentioned it on the Topia Online irc, I looked into it and eventually decided to get it. Not really much to the story at all.


I was looking for some new games to play. And I found castle story, a somewhat similar game that has little people build castles only instead of towns like stonehearth. It is much further in development, but lacks things that stonehearth will one day include, so as I clicked recommended videos on youtube I found stonehearth and dove in deeper being bored. I saw it had many more planned features and was being made by people from my area, so I jumped on the bandwagon, this was way past when the kickstarter had ended so I couldn’t contribute, 'til I sold my elder scrolls online beta access for this game. Totally worth it. Now I leave one tab open to the discourse as long as I have my computer open.


Fitting how it’s nearly a year to the day!

This time last year I was enjoying playing around with Gnomoria and Timber and Stone, but it just felt like something was lacking, and I couldn’t quite figure out what it was.

Fortuitously I came across this Kotaku article and immediately checked out the Kickstarter page. After reading all there was to read at that time, and watching all there was to watch, it felt as if the game they were aiming to make ticked all of the boxes. For me it doesn’t just feel like another “city settlement” builder, it feels like it’s taking all those bits from the games I’ve enjoyed playing, and then added all those things I want to have, with an awesome graphics style to boot.

As someone who wasn’t big on their fighting games I can’t say I had heard of Tom and Tony before, but the information on that Kotaku article combined with their Kickstarter video and campaign reassured me that these guys know what they want and know how to get there; how true that is, well :stuck_out_tongue:

The rest is history, I decided to compile all the information I could find at the time into the info megathread to help other people stumbling across the game have a single reference point for information, and then bribed my way to the top, falling in and out of love with @SteveAdamo in the process.


I found it after learning that Kickstarter existed. Probably because of that campaign to make a Homestuck game.

One day I was bored and decided to search for other games that might be there. I found it at the beginning of the campaign, in May, and it was like a breath of fresh air, I fell in love at first sight. Kept following the devblog and the Kickstarter since then.

I was so excited I couldn’t wait for it to be launched. Finally I calmed down, but entered the community because I was interested in Qubicle (that was the only way to ‘touch’ the game back then, aside from fan music).

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For me it was sheer coincidence, I didn’t look on kickstarter for ages… and just strolled through the games section, and there it was. :smile:
Been here since :slight_smile:

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Ditto. :smile:

Ditto #2, it’s one of my homepages. :house_with_garden:

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A friend introduced me to the game, around November. Now the guy never touches the game, and I’m here!

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That’s basically me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I used KS a few times but stopped a few months before I found out about Stonehearth. I bought it after Sjin’s video and joined the community the second I found out it existed but I didn’t have time to get active untill now(ish)


It was actually the first time that I had ever gone onto kickstarter that I saw the Stonehearth kickstarter. After watching the video I instantly fell in love with the game, and I was especially interested in the modding aspect of the game. The idea that I could create something that was interesting and fun and exciting and different and that other people could share in that experience was just so awesome to me and it still is. I can’t wait until it becomes easier for us non-coders to modify the game.

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I saw paulsoaresjr’s video on the pre alpha and thought that looks really cool so I bought the game. It is really fun and I shudder at the thought i might not have seen it. :stuck_out_tongue: