Stonehearth is 1.0

Hey everyone, now that we’ve stuffed in our last few features and a ton of performance and bug fixes, our game is finally complete. Team Stonehearth is proud to announce that our cozy, quirky, and sometimes epically heroic building simulation game is finally ready to leave Early Access and go 1.0.

This has been an incredibly long journey for everyone on the team, everyone who backed us during our 2013 Kickstarter, and everyone who has joined us on Steam Early Access. I think it’s safe to say that building Stonehearth turned out to be way more difficult than we all expected. For many of us, this was our first game, and the things we learned about game development and about ourselves and each other could probably fill at least 99 Leather Storage Chests(™). Every day though, Tom, Tony and I, and later Albert, Chris, Brad, Yang, Doug, Winnie, Linda, Allie, Malley, Nikki, Richard, Justin, Ana, Morgan, Angelo, Luke, Max and Aaron found in the game–in its tone and in its radically weird tech–something precious, something that made us all want to get up every single day to bring it to life.

We also found all of you. We gathered so much energy from interacting with all of you. We found inspiration in the things you built, from mods to templates to villages. We gained so much strength from your enthusiasm for what this game could be, that even through the game’s darkest hours, when we were, multiple times, over multiple years, on the verge of giving up, we managed to persevere until we’d built something we could legitimately feel proud of. And finally, I think, all of us found in this game, something special in each other, the kind of family of friends that sets out repeatedly into the great unknown together, with dreams of building something that brings joy to ourselves and everyone around us.

So what comes next? Well, the game is done, but the story isn’t quite over yet. On Thursday, 7/26, we will have one last all-day stream on our twitch channel, starting at 9:00am PST and running until 7:00pm PST. This stream will be focused on all the beautiful things you have built in the last five years, and we hope to see you all there.

After the stream, between now and a planned December 1.1 release, a subset of our team will continue working on performance, bug fixing, polish, the MacOS port, and an expanded modding guide. We also want to do whatever we can to support your modding efforts (looking at you, ACE!), so if there’s anything you need from us, or if you’d like to report a bug or issue, please continue to find us on We love seeing your save files, especially ones that reliably reproduce issues or that show off gorgeous cities and happy towns.

It’s hard to say goodbye, so let’s not say goodbye. Instead–

Thank you all for everything, and Happy Re-Embarkation Day!

Team Stonehearth


(where can I find that image on full HD resolution? I need a new wallpaper <3 )




So should we switch to stable at this point, or will unstable still be receiving the most recent updates?


Well done :slight_smile: looking forward to see 1.1, Mods and Project ACE evolve and expand the game even more :slight_smile:




Just a little note - you might want to update the site

^ Seeing it’s not exactly an Alpha you’re getting anymore :wink:


/me stumbles back into the room

well hello there folks! Long time… no chat! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

given the momentous occasion, I felt it necessary to blow the dust off the old account and hop back on to wish everyone on the team a hearty CONGRATULATIONS!! so, congrats @sdee, @Tom, @Ponder, @brad, @not_owen_wilson, @Albert … and all the other wonderful team members I never had the chance to meet! :smiley:

my apologies for missing so much over the last several years… I have of course been watching from the wings… manning my silent post, waiting for the wombat signal@Geoffers747 to butt-dial me…

but alas, I am not one for long farewells… however, i would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to all the folks i met here, many of which i truly consider friends… :slight_smile:

so, for the last time, for the foreseeable future, adios my friends!

and no, I won’t be specifically calling out my comrades… it would be a shallow attempt at asking for a response… and besides, I am sure I will forget to mention some spectacular members… like, @Froggy, or @8BitCrab@Atralane and @Relyss … really, its just to difficult to think of all my friends here…

take for example, @Avairian, @Wiese2007 and of course @Stoneheartfan… who can forget @Pandemic, @TurtleSquish, @jomaxro, @Solus and @RepeatPan

looks around nervously

right… as i was saying… time to go… love you all!! :heart_eyes: (especially you @Geoffers747)



Congratulations on releasing the Windows version.

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We’re celebrating today with embarkation food: berries and jerky. But a nice traveller came by with some tarts. <3


So, throwing in Raj’s always awesome work on the soundtrack…

22 people over the course of the game. Wow.

And a way bigger team on ACE if that all goes through :stuck_out_tongue:

But then there’s the community, which, uh, no clue how big it is, really. There’s apparently over 12,000 users on the Discourse. Plenty of streams back in the day had near a hundred users, IIRC. And the Kickstarter had nearly 23,000 backers, some of which probably never got that involved, but there’s a lot of people who’ve joined since (myself included).

It’s been really nice to have been a small part of this whole thing. (I know I’ve gotten at least two names into the game. You can’t measure what effect you’ve had that directly for most games.)

So in some way this is happy but I’m also sad and I can’t even bear to watch the last Desktop Tuesday and I wish there could’ve been more but

:forlorn: drowns my sorrows in berry juice

:glum: gets back to thinking about ACE

Pioneering Spirit [+12] :content:


No more game dev to follow!:sob:

Even though it’s not nearly the scope we hoped for, I’m going to enjoy the heck outta the finished product!

Well done all, and here’s to future projects!


It was a long journey, plans changes and whatnot, but it was a good journey! Thanks for the game and the promised little “aftermarket” polish, good luck on future projects and here’s hoping someday we will get Stonehearth 2 that will have everything the Team Radiant envisioned. Untill that day, we have pretty solid cutesy town building game.

Yeah, alot of repeat from my other posts, but still… can’t help but repeat myself.
Good job and hope your code guys and gals now get fix their sleep deprivations!


@SteveAdamo Awwwwwh I missed you <3 It’s been one heck of a ride… Hasn’t it? :sweat_smile: I hope you come around once in awhile! I’ll be here from time to time, hopefully working on Nihonjin :wink:


@SteveAdamo Glad you could drop in once more! It’s been a blast. Miss you and @Geoffers747 !

And i’ve said it already, but congratulations to the team that put all this work into this game. It’s been a joy for me to follow the development and it’ll be a weird hole in my day to eventually not check this discourse every hour. (I’m not addicted, you’re addicted!)

To all the supporters who’ve been here with me, it’s been an honor.


From here on forth, switch to stable. If I’m reading everything correctly, this is the final release unless there is a game breaking bug. Otherwise, there will no updates until December where one last bug fix will be released, and it will be released on stable.

 To the Stonehearth team... and EVERYONE in this Discourse

There is a lot of negativity on Steam. I just got back from the comment section on this announcement there and was supper annoyed and disheartened, not because of the release, but of how much abuse the steam players were throwing around…
However, got here and my heart soared. There is a lot of supportive people here who are trying to understand the short release and are nothing but supportive of the developers and their future endeavors, who see the game as great and want to continue to see it flourish… You guys are amazing… and it makes sense… This is the place where everyone worked with the developers to make this game happen. Its as much your guys’ as it is the developers. Without the backers and the testers and all of those who reported everything they came across, Stonehearth would not exist today. So thank you all for being so supportive towards them. Let’s continue to work together with the community to create magnificent mods and creations so that Stonehearth can continue to have a bright future, even with the developers moving on to greener fields.
And to the developers. This is a magnificent game. While short-drawn, it still breaks so many boundaries and pushed so many envelopes. It takes the open-dynamic world of Minecraft, adds the personal city simulation of Sims and Skylines, while adding a dash of survival aspect such as Rimworld has, and turns it into something that none of them could quite accomplish, while also having a great style, an easy memory take, and a rather supportive upstanding community. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. I wish nothing but success for you and I must commend you. While its release was short and even I am a bit disappointed, you made a game with the best parts of all the games I love and you pushed through with it until you had no choice but to stop. I hope you continue on to something else just as great or better than Stonehearth. As many say, and it might be cliche… Nowhere to go but up. Now you get to take all of the mistakes you may have made with Stonehearth, and build on them to create an even better experience with your next release, whether that be under Riot’s name or your own.
That is all. Thank you for reading, if you did, and I hope you all have a great day and continue to help this game move forward, even without the developers watching it’s every move.


There’s a video on YouTube now - one of the first to come up when you search Radiant Entertainment because you want to find the old streams or something - that’s making this into the old “GREEDY DEVS TOOK YOUR MONEY” tale. (While I’m not fully happy and I’m perhaps excusing too much, just running the numbers of team size, years of development, and the game never picking up all that much steam as far as I could tell indicates that as far as I can tell Radiant wasn’t doing that.)

And in the snippet of the description that shows up on the search page, the very first thing - and also the only thing - is a link to the video creator’s Patreon, followed by a link to their Paypal, then a link to their twitter.

I don’t know. I think the thing that really gets me is that this turned out better than 90% of Kickstarters in terms of delivery, so part of me thinks people should be happier, part of me’s asking why people aren’t complaining more about other things, part of me’s wondering why anybody has any expectations for Kickstarter anyway given how much teams have failed to deliver, part of me’s wondering why people allow Kickstarter to have such an awful return rate… it’s just a mess.


Agreed. Stonehearth is particularly foreign as a Kick-started campaign. Mainly because, most Kickstarters, when they run out of time, they just drop. No word, no end-game, nothing. And even those cases are kinda unusual. Hearthstone may have hit an abrupt end date, but Radiant made sure they went out gracefully. They didn’t kust drop, they’re fixing bugs and trying to get the game into a polished, finished state despite it’s short release. I think that alone is worth commending. It would be one thing to run out of time and just drop the game altogether. It something completely different to qctually talk it out and try to end on a good note.


Congratulations on the release!

I read the update email and once again tried to get my download code from Humble Bumble without success. I backed it on Kickstarter in May, 2013 and would very much like to see how the game turned out. Who can I talk to about getting my code?

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