I am so glad that the only Kickstarter I ever backed were you guys

I wasn’t very active on this forum for the last year or so, but I was always looking up progress for the game, I was getting a feeling like they’re not going to make it for the September release (Which they most likely won’t), because there weren’t that many features put in from the first alpha all the way up to the third one or so (I might be completely messing up the alphas), but ever since Summer there have been features popping out left and right, which gave me hope that this game will, after all, what I wished it would be.

You might ask - “What does this post have to do with anything?” by this point, and I’ll say this - I went really close to backing Castle Story and Spacebase DF-9, both of those games aren’t worked on any more, so I just wanted to post this as a thank you for actually making the game, unlike a lot of Kickstarted projects.


I second this, didn’t back the kickstarter since I didn’t have a credit card at the time. But I’m sure that if I did I would’ve ;D

This was actually the first Kickstarter I ever supported. A friend of mine on an old Minecraft server brought it up in our chat one day, when the funding was at about two-three hundred thousand dollars. Considering my appreciation for old graphics and strategy games, I was sold pretty quickly.


Speaking of the kickstarter, did anyone here actually who backed the game get one of the top tiers?

lovely thread @Quel… thanks for sticking with Team Radiant! :+1:

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For me too, Stonehearth was the only thing i feel was worthy of backing up, i followed the blog since the beginning and i am very glad to see its progress. Right now i’m playing alpha 5 and i’m quite pleased with the results. Dont quit Radiant, you have a great game in progress.


fear not, I don’t think that’s in the cards… :wink:

Just in. Recent reports just found that Tom and his brother Tony Cannon, gaming celebrities for creating the game “Stonehearth” and running the EVO fighting game tournament, have just ran off with the money they earned from the Stonehearth Kickstarter and are now suspected to be somewhere in Mexico.

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This is the only Kickstarter I’ve ever funded. Oddly enough, I found this when I saw a tiny thumbnail of the Stonehearth concept art in the background of an ad for Steam Greenlight. I thought the art style was cool so I searched all over until I came across the Kickstarter page. Probably the best gaming money I’ve ever spent :smiley:

I stumbled onto Kickstarter one day, and the game instantly caught my attention, there was a certain magic to it that most games don’t have.


I was also really close to backing Castle Story, although that game is merely a memory now. That game isn’t really developed anymore, and was disappointing.

And Spacebase DF-9, isn’t that game made by Double Fine? The same company who was developing Double Fine Adventures? The other massive kickstarter game that never saw the light of day?

You mean broken ages? it is out and is quite fantastic we are waiting for the second part to come out now.

Also castle story is developing slow but steady their biggest mistake at first was to make a very unstable game at first and they are using a lot of time stabilizing it

I thought that game went bankrupt due to the founder’s terrible money handling. Heard it on I think Gizmodo a while back.

I’m pretty sad about Double Fine taking a bunch of games that they can’t handle later, they’re not really good at the business side of thins either, though some of my favourites are made by them!

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Nope can’t find anything about it. If you can find an article or something on it it would be cool though (And at the same time incredibly sad)

Actually, I remember now. it was Kotaku, and they reported that the game needed more money. This was posted July 2, 2013. Now, the reason I thought it was done for was because if you are running out of money even though you started with three million dollars that quick, something is wrong.

Here it is.

Oh yea… that. They overestimated the amount of money they could use and forgot to communicate with the players. On the positive side they delivered a lot more than promised. (Which is also why they crashed the budget) From my point of view they quite much delivered worth for the amount of money they got.

But yes as @Quel said they isn’t the best with keeping with the budget they have.

Well, they may have developed a good game, but their money-managing skills are bad.