Stonehearth media coverage


i thought it might be helpful to compile a list of all the media attention SH has received in the last month or so (with it eventually landing on the wiki)… feel free to post any other articles you stumbled across (or that led you here)… latest additions will likely end up at the top:

@voxel_pirate found some coverage in the German press as well:,49501,3011940.html

and here are some sites that are showing up as “hubs” for all things SH:
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Stonehearth Media Page

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i did try to write about it during the kickstarter on the page i work for o-o but they ignored it xD dun know but i get a feeling that my boss is messing with me.


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I have found some coverage in German “press” also.

One on “PC Games”, giving a short outlook on Stonehearth “Stonehearth: Sandbox-Strategiespiel erfolgreich auf Kickstarter finanziert” (i.e. “Stonehearth: Sandbox-Strategy-Game successfully financed via Kickstarter”).

Another on “GameStar”, going not very deep into details “Stonehearth - Putziges Sandbox-Strategiespiel erfolgreich auf Kickstarter, Trailer & Screenshots” (i.e. “Stonehearth - Cute Sandbox-Strategy-Game successfully on Kickstarter, Trailer & Screenshots”).

And one on “Onlinewelten”, showing at least some facts about Stoneheart “Fakten in der Vorschau” (i.e. “Facts in Preview”).


thanks @voxel_pirate! i’ll add those to the OP (and clean up the post a bit as well)…


thanks @twip for this excellent find… :+1:

added to the running list of coverage…