What did I actually backed for?


First of all, I have not followed any news about stonehearth since I backed it in may.
I just saw a trailer with epic music and I instantly backed it for 30 bucks.

A few minutes ago I was curious how this project developed since may and I took a quick look at the official homepage. Not sure how many devs are currently working on it (beside both brothers), but the progress seems not to big for me (maybe I´m flashed by StarCitizen).

But my question is:
What was the package again I pledged for? As my paypal history reveals, I put 30$ in this. So, am I eligible for alpha/beta?

Sorry for this kind of question, but I just did not followed the game so far.

Thanks in advance,

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Firstly, welcome @Mipi, I’ll get to answering your questions.

There are now 5 devs in total, I can link you to the relevant desktop Tuesdays if you’re interested!

Whilst I can’t comment on the development of Starcitizen, I would say that from what we’ve seen and heard from the devs they are on track to deliver what they said they would by December … although like anything this could change at any point.

$30 backing during the kickstarter gets you access to the beta (set for December). This beta access copy will upgrade to a “release” copy come September 2014. You will also be given a second “release” copy next year to give to a friend or whatever :smile:

Hope that helps!


hi @Mipi… let’s approach this in pieces, shall we? :smile:

Tom and Tony are the original team members, with Stephanie joining the ranks during the campaign… they have since brought on two more talented folks, Albert and Chris… the furious 5 total to make up Team Radiant… :+1:

at $30, you pledged for the SETTLER TIER, BETA BACKER… this amounts to 2 copies of the game… one copy will have beta access (there is no alpha) in Dec 2013, and that copy will “evolve” into a full release copy in Sep 2014…

you will also have one other full release copy, again in Sep 2014… so, 2 copies, but only 1 with beta access…

hope that helps!


What is happening? Oh! Stonehearth beta is evolving!

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@Geoffers747 is indeed the peanut butter to my jelly… perfect time to unleash this picture…


Many thanks to your replies :smiley:
I didn´t meant to rant about it. All my knowledge is based on the trailer I´ve seen :-/

Maybe I will find some time to go through the forums.

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That’s fine :smile:

The main site is probably the quickest way of keeping up to date with news straight from the source

There is also usually a live stream once or twice a month where you can tune in and watch some modelling or something else. You can check the archive of videos over at their twitch page if you were interested (they can be quite long). Also the “flash streams” never usually contain anything except whatever is on the dev’s screen at the time - so no commentary etc.

Any other questions feel free to ask!

@SteveAdamo and myself are the neighbourhood watch, so send us any messages if you need help :smile:

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let’s not forget the super awesome twitter feed, run by those two super awesomely awesome guys… whats-his-name, and whos-his-face… :+1:

see you around the forums @Mipi!