So who else payed more for the game than they feel they are getting

I didn’t really overpay too much but I know I definitely feel I payed more for the game than what I’m going to get. Now the even the “exclusive” pets are opened up, it just doesn’t seem worth it. And to add even more insult to injury, they are still selling the game at $25 for early access and planning to lower the price to $20 after it leaves! I guess that is fair to keep it keep it the same experience as us KS backers. We payed a premium for a promise of an incredible idea, but will ultimately be left with less of a game than we thought we were getting. I kinda want a refund for the difference in price but I know that’s not going to happen.

It’s just really disappointing that they were making such great progress and now it’s all cut short. I also wonder how much of this is RIOT shoving it out the door vs fatigue with development? I would have hoped with as much funding as was raised and subsequent sales would have been encouragement for a completely realized games with all promised features, but as Kickstartes go, them’s the breaks sometimes. At least it’s getting to a hopefully stable 0.5 release (even though they are calling it a 1.0)

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At this point I paid about 6 cents per hour played and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Did I get my monies worth? Yes.
Did I get the game I envisioned? No.
Am I still happy with the game as is? Yes.


I paid $70 for an alpha of a game I’ve barely played compared to Stonehearth, and way more for DLC.

I would’ve liked more, yes, but between the value and how personal the development was I can’t really be that mad.

Maybe a bit disappointed.


Precisely my sentiments. I purchased this July 2 of this year, despite my reservations of purchasing an Early Access game because I believed this would continue to develop further even past it’s “official” release and remain a $25 game. Because I purchased it on steam and have more than 2 hours on the game, it’s now ineligible for a refund. I feel cheated after this announcement and they don’t address concerns for those who purchased during Early Access.

Re-logic did far more for Terraria and the community at $10 a pop than what Radiant (now Riot) is doing with Stonehearth at the initial $25. This is completely unacceptable!


@sdee said to reach out to her directly in such cases, and they’d look at options to make it right. Have you done that yet? If not, please do.


I have over 700 hours in this game so something must be good. I have bought way more expensive games with 30 minutes invested. This game is a gem; one that will be polished further by the awesome fan base. I think moding will explode now that everyone knows what the endgame is (so to speak).

A heartfelt thanks to the Dev’s for this wonderful little game.


Agreed. Now that we know what will and what won’t be provided, people will spend time to do it themselves. Why do that before now, when they might just build it for you? So, yeah, it’s gonna be fun to watch!


The standard metric, as I understand it, is 1 hour of entertainment per dollar spent. I have 79 hours into Stonehearth, and I paid the $24 rate.

Your concerns have been addressed by Radiant, including how much Riot influenced the development, in videos. All that Riot has done was said, “We can’t fund this infinitely; you need to make a reasonable effort to meet your obligations and set a release date.” Radiant made multiple plans, picked the best, and here we are.


over 1100 hs and feel the same
and the price, 25 for this was better that what i would expect. bought at dec 2015 thinking it worth it even in the current state xD


The way it reads, it only addresses those that are KickStarters and reaching out through KickStarter, not Steam Early Access. There were no instructions on how to reach out if you don’t use KickStarter.


Fair point. Though, personally, I will be truly surprised if they don’t consider your case (and those similar to yours). I’ve tagged Stephanie here. Stay tuned.

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Assuming I manage to get a refund system in place (it’s not in place yet, as Kickstarter tells me our account is too old for their refund system to work) any refunds we will be manually processed…by me. To prevent this from taking up more time I could spend on the game, we will only refund people who pledged through Kickstarter and legitimately cannot play the game as it is. If you got the game on steam, please write them a nice note (they do listen!) explaining why you feel this is a special case relative to their usual refund policy.


Each person is entitled to their own experiences and opinions, of course. I’m not saying no one got ‘harmed’ in any means (I’d be very annoyed if I only used linux for instance)

But as someone that is actually able to play the game I have to say that even tho I did not get the game I dreamed about, I got hundreds of hours of fun (and possibly many more) for less than a mount or a house on some MMORPG I play.

And here’s the best thing about Stonehearth:
It might not be the game you dreamed about… but you can actually try to make it be so :slight_smile:


As of this post I’m sitting at 1118 hours played and I know I’m nowhere near the top of the list for hours played. I got more than my money’s worth. I just opened the launcher and now we get bunnies, that number is about to go up. The modding community here has been amazing, and seeing them rally after the announcement gives me even more hope for the future.

I can understand folks being upset. The game didn’t end up being what some wanted. Radiant tried their best with what they had. I’m happy with the effort they put in and wish them all the very best. Stonehearth will always be a cherished member of my library. :jubilant:


I can’t believe you guys are willing to accept mass refunds instead of working on bringing more to the game, even if it’s less frequent or whatever…this end to development definitely feels premature.

You do understand it’s not in their hands right? They were bought out by another company. They were given a deadline to resolve this project within reason and they’ve crammed as much in as they can before having to pull the plug. By the end of this month the majority of the devs will no longer work there. 3 people will remain to polish the game up and finish tasks by the end of the year. You think they’re going to be given a budget to hire more people after being told to wrap things up? Call me crazy, but that doesn’t necessarily seem voluntary for all parties involved.

A refund seems fair for the folks that aren’t going to be able to play the game at all. They’re not getting the game, but at least they’re not out the game and their money.


Judge the game not on what it could be (For steam early access adopters), but for what it is in its current state
if you bought it on steam this january for example, and now it’s still not worth 25 euros dollars or whatever
than it wasnt worth that to you in january, hence you should’ve held off on buying the game back then.

Early access is good, if you know what your getting into, and my general policy when i DO (rarely) buy early access games is as follows;

Is game worth X RIGHT NOW?
If no, Don’t buy it.
If almost, Consider it, but look into the specifics of the devs (in january you could’ve already known the company was bought out by riot, and the circumstances surrounding it) and make up your mind with plenty of info
If yes, then you have no right to complain now

This is all for the steam people. I sympathise for those who backed it on kickstarter, and feel they didnt get their money’s worth, Especially linux people, but in the case of linux people; They’re trying their best to right the wrongs. kicking up a fuss helps nothing, frankly development is not stopped, and development (in the way of modding) wont stop anytime soon is my guess.


I’ve seen comments and reviews for so many games complaining of over paying, your like the guy complaining his mcdonalds burger wasn’t grade A beef. I paid 20$ for this game, in the current game market 20$ is a garbage gun skin. I just think comments like this are insane.


Almost 1500 hours of game time as of right now. I paid the full $25 dollars for this game. I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of it and a whole lot more.

I’m going to miss @sdee and @max99x and everyone else on the dev team. I’m going to miss the weekly streams. But I’m not going to wish them ill or complain. There’s no point really. The guys higher up on the food chain aren’t going to change their mind about development, so what we get is what we get in the end.

That being said…

I still love this game!


I’ve already had enough fun playing the game and learnt enough modding it to feel these money were well spent. I’m also very happy I was able to help the development by paying for Early Access (what often is a waste of money but SH wasn’t the case) instead of the official release. At the moment I’m gravely sad because of all the potential SH could have if it wasn’t for the sudden development deadline.

I’m more than grateful for everything the team did. Thank you for all the great Stonehearth moments (or rather hours), there are many more to come!