Is a refund available

i am wanting to know if i could get a refund because i am not really happy with having to wait soo long for the game and having to pay more for the alpha.

please answer thanks.

You didn’t have to pay for anything, you could have bought the 15 dollar game and waited till release.

i did and im not happy to have to wait so long for the game plus i bought it back in Easter.

The game is available in Alpha now, what else do you want?

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yes but i dont have access to it unless i spend another $15 which im not really prepared to do.

Well, you knew that when you paid for Alpha access… :confused:

i thought it would be out early 2014 not September.

Well, that information was available when the kickstarted started I believe.

The September 2014 full release was always quite clear since Kickstarter.
I suppose you could mail them about refunding, not sure you’ll get the attention for an official answer here tho. Have you looked on the FAQs or used the search?

do you know their email address because i cant find it.

“Estimated delivery: Sep 2014”

This is written under every KS pledge level. Learn to read and don’t disrespect the developers like this.

wasn’t trying to be disrespectful im just wanting my money back, i will prob buy it when it comes out but atm i would rather have my money back.

also im not wanting to argue. or

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thanks for giving me their email.

@LegendHoods has provided you with the emails, so I’m sure they will deal with your request appropriately.

I’ll leave it at that and close this up.

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