Weekly Gaming Deals

in addition to the Steam Greenlight sales that @Smokestacks pointed out here, there are also some great sales at **Indie Royale** and HumbleBundle

the HB is particularly impressive… 8 games for $6!?! Europa, Magicka, etc. quite a deal!


Why are the devs planning to release the game with humble bundle? In a way I feel ripped-off, because with the humble bundle you never end up paying more than the average 4-6 USD.

im assuming you’re referring to “devs” in general, as opposed to team radiant… yes?

as for why, these bundles see a portion of the profits donated to charity… so, the developers reduce the price, draw in lots of sales, and its a win-win… :+1:

@SteveAdamo not for us :stuck_out_tongue: reason being we didn’t get the reduced price, but then again we had to kickstart the game.

Well, we DID get over x6 the original amount they wanted. But we Definitely HAD to kickstart the game, We’d never have gotten dwarves!

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I’m fine with having kickstarted the game, because they can’t just rely on people later on buying the game. If they’re gonna pour money into it and make it good, then they can’t just be going off predictions. And since this is their first game, they can’t fall back on anything. So whether or not the game ends up being cheaper, I don’t know, I got two copies and two betas for cheaper than they now offer but it may go down later. However, it will be a better game for having had the money earlier.

Plus, pets.

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Another great reason why we HAD to kickstart the game, because NONE of us could live without pets. Not that I regret kickstarting them.

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True pets are great! Another thing to consider is that the game is fully moddable and you can re-create the same, identical pet if you didn’t buy into the beta, but whatever I got two copies :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re selling through the Humble Bundle service, but the game won’t be in a humble bundle any time soon. Just like Overgrowth.

Hello! Today, in the Steam store, they are having a sale on Towns! Yes, Towns! As I’m sure you all know, Towns is fairly similar to the idea that Stonehearth is trying to emulate, being a town-building simulation.

linky link

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For $5, I may just give this another try … Thanks for the heads up!

I have another idea!
First: Risk of Rain on Steam
Second: I think this would make for some fun co-op action, and if I can get a couple of people willing to throw $7.50 into my Steam Wallet, I’ll buy the 4-pack to play together. PM me if you’re interested.

Eh, forget about my above post. I already bought the game, though, if anyone wants to play!

Ah, it would seem that I momentarily forgot about my own pet peeve, thank you Sir Steve.