Game Discounts and more!

Don’t forget to look at the humble bundle store!

They have a steam like sale at the moment! :slight_smile:

I bought Evoland :smiley:

Check it out!


you can get natural selection 2 for 2€. 2€ that is insane O_o

I was looking at this yesterday… some very nice sales!

picking up Shadowrun Returns for a measly $5. :smile:


Ooooh, Some really good ones here!

I had actually forgotten how cheap Humble store could be, I am so going to be checking it out often to see if any games I want get a discount

Been having quite a lot of fun with this one, it was on the Steam sale the other day, good purchase :thumbsup:

well, it seems that particular discount was a “flash sale” and is no longer available…

I planned on purchasing it today, and have now missed the opportunity… so, thanks for rubbing it in… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Gnomoria is going really cheap! The Humble Store: Great games. Fantastic prices. Support charity.

If you haven’t already, I’d say it’s definitely worth a purchase :slight_smile:

I know you were thinking about it @newf?

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FYI - it seems the lead dev has left the team? oddly enough he talks about the potential for a second game during his departure… :smile:

I believe you’re referring to Towns? Which has apparently now come to a second official end :stuck_out_tongue:

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oh, that’s right! well, in my defense, all “those games” look alike to me… :blush:


I was but then I learnt to play Dwarf Fortress

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I guess all of you already have it, but Hotline Miami is also cheap now. I think it is the cheapest I’ve seen so far? Only €1,99 is a really great deal! Super sale seems to be over, it is up on €4 again. Still a good price for such a great game :wink:

Played it quite much, and did every achievement except “getting A+ on every chapter”… Can’t wait for “Wrong Number” :smiley:

It seems that Ironclad Tactics is also much off. Realtime Turn-based CCG, fun game, very much about strategy and deckbuilding to beat the challenges, it can be fully unlocked in singleplayer I believe but mp is there for pretty most levels. Cards can only be unlocked by winning battles, no money grabbing evil.

As for Gnomoria, is it easier to get into than DF? My main problem with DF is that it fails to get my interest early enough to make me put in the time to learn how to play properly.

It’s a lot easier especially as you have graphics and a UI. Also at the moment it’s not as fleshed out or deep as Dwarf Fortress meaning you’re not completely overwhelmed from the word go.

It gets regular updates, usually every Tuesday, you can see the developer plan here.

For that price I think it;s definitely a steal, if you’re not sure then just try the demo out:

Ironclad tactics certainly looks intriguing, might have to make a purchase.


I’m working on my Server, so I can’t buy any of the games.

holy cow… take a look at the bundle deal they have going today… 11 games for $4!!! and some really good games in the mix, including hotline Miami and Thomas was alone…

edit: nooooo! It’s over, and I missed another deal!

Hotline Miami is still at $2.50 for the flash sale for another couple of hours on there, it’s the weekly one that looks pretty good to me right now though. The most surprising thing I found though is you seem to be able to increase these daily bundles after the day, at least it tells me I could up the outer space one to get universe sandbox if I wanted.

I should dredge up the what codes have you got to part with thread, also do something with that beta key.

They are really pushing (my favorite game) Hotline Miami during all these sales. Humble Bundle had it a few times; either in packs or solo like now. also had it for €2 for some time.

Of course they are throwing it away since the sequel is coming up “soon”, it will be a blast! :smiley:

yeah, I already own it (and its fantastic!)… but that bundle was insane

wish I had a complete list of the titles, but there were some great entries among the 11 on tap… and $4 is just ridiculously good for the amount of entertainment available…