Trading post: Gamers Seeking Games

hey folks…

as was briefly mentioned in the Forum Helpline thread, perhaps it would be beneficial to have a place where we can broker gaming trades? :smile:

the idea is pretty simple… if you have one or more games that (and this is the key) you have not yet activated/installed, you could list those games here, and potentially, something you would be interested in trading for as well…

if a deal is struck, we can just mark those items accordingly as such… :wink:

so, take a look in your Humble Bundle libraries, and dig out those Steam keys you haven’t used yet… have fun! :+1:


on a related note (to the essence of the thread), i wonder if we could perhaps have a sort of “gamer seeking games” thread… where the basic idea is people can post the names of games they have available in, for example, their steam library, that they are willing to trade for another game (or two)… however the trade plays out…

i know i have about 20 keys lying about that i will never use… :smile:


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I’m completely up for this!

Only 20? Clearly you don’t get enough bundles, a quick look through my accounts indicates I have a more notable 37 with two notable unused keys being a Stonehearth beta key, a Fez key, and a SpaceChem key. I should probably do something with them, any ideas?

On a different note @Spoolicus, Chronotron, The Company of Myself, and One Step Back jump out at me. All free online flash games where interact with past copies of yourself for either beneficial or negative reasons.

well if you have prison architect… :slight_smile: think of me!
sounds like a nice idea. i didn’t know you could trade steam games
@Xavion i have around 150… i have a problem and need help!

I don’t think we’re derailing here, as this is still a “helpline” for games… yes? :smile:

as for trading… we would just provide the person we “trade” with the key, and once they install the game, its in their library…

the critical part there being keys you haven’t yet activated yourself… :wink:

ahh… here in lies the folly of john. i activate all my keys like a nub.

i have around 150 games and i have played… around 30? ¬.¬

I played the new south park game the other week, if you like south park you will love the game. i defo recommend it (trying to be on track? not really sure on the rules :cry: )

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Got a Arkham Asylum GOTY up for trade, any offers?

from the humble bundle?

I’ll toss up a new “trading” thread in a bit, and move the associated posts…

stay tuned… :+1:


i would be interested… i need to actually get a list of my available keys though… probably won’t get to that till later this evening though…

I have a 75% off coupon for Football Manager 2014 if anyone is interested?

So I’ll come through and post up a list of unused codes later then? Or is there a better idea of what I should do? I don’t really know what to do with them, for example any suggestions for an unused stonehearth beta key? It’s a pretty good game after all.

  1. Sell it.
  2. Trade it for another game.
  3. Give it to someone you love.
  4. Donate it to me or Steve to give away as a competition prize.
  5. Leave it in your inventory for all eternity.
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absolutely… think of it as “listing your wares”…

someone else may come along, see you have a certain game, and then the healing trading process can begin… :smile:

Nice idea.

I have a key for Battlefield 4 (got it with a new AMD card), I havent used it,havent even scratched the area to reveal the code.

i’ll be willing to trade it, the key expires April 30, so the fastest the better:)

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Can you list these keys you have @SteveAdamo? I may trade you some of the games I have not played in a while…

I’m still proud of my copy of Team Fortress 2 sitting in my inventory. Not so much about the twelve copies of Half Life 2 and the episodes, but alas, you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

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Not sure this is gonna work because this suggests you’ve activated it and if you have then you aren’t going to be able to trade the code… :stuck_out_tongue:

As for me, I have 3 copies of Sega All Stars Racing Transformed (I think with DLC though I’m not sure which and whether they have it at all, if people are interested I can check) up for tradesies.

Can you not trade games you activated? Damn it…

Nothing more romantic than to give a game to a loved one.