Borderlands 2 golden keys!

so i have some borderlands 2 golden keys to give and here the they are 1st come 1st serve:
360: CBCJ-TS3KT-BBWC6-5XJBT-CC6B3 (may not be right :blush:) the last part might OC6B3 OR 0C6B3

please post here so people know if they are taken already and say which one it is also


first, very generous and thoughtful of you! :smile: :+1:

second, I would love to claim this key, but I don’t have access to Steam from this machine, so im sure someone else will claim it before I get home… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

third, if you have any future keys/games you might be interested in swapping, feel free to head over here:

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so i tried to activate the PC one, it said “invalid code”…

also @SteveAdamo i tried to claim it before you because im just that evil :imp:

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mentally removes @8BitCrab from his Christmas card list


wait, you were gonna send me a Christmas card? how do you know where i live?!?!?!?!

it is confirmed then, @SteveAdamo is actually a stalker…


welp thats weird the code is right i know it should work but thats all i can tell you so…sorry

someone was probably sneaky and took it and didnt say anything…

weeeeak… I really wanted to say hi to Claptrap! :cry:

no confirmation needed, its common knowledge that @SteveAdamo is the internet.


hence my fondness for Claptrap…


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Golden Keys, at least most of them, aren’t unique but rather time limited or amount limited (it’s quite unknown as far as I know). There’s a website dedicated to looking for these codes; personally I’ve subscribed to their RSS feed. That way I always get new codes the day they’re published.

actually golden keys are pointless. … there is a way, easy to find, to get unlimited golden keys, and is been there since the very first bl2 release tears ago, is also kinda pointless, having farmed loot from the chest myself numerous times, it’s not all that good,. To be honest every time I do it all I get is a bunch of useless crummy pistols, and I HATE pistols