I have one Magicka + All DLC and Serious Sam 3... AND I WANT TO GIFT IT TO YOU :D

Well, like the name of the post say… I HAVE 2 GAMES FOR GIFT to one of you ^^.

But before give the game… you must tell me… Why i must give you one of this games? ( And what game of this 2 you want :stuck_out_tongue: )

And please, if you want to trade games with me, add me on steam and speak or see this post

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very generous of you! i have some steam games i wouldnt mind trading for magicka… :+1:

i’ll PM you later, if no one else scarfs it up by the time i get home… :smile:

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@SteveAdamo , if you dont have one of these games, tell to me. I will gift you one ^^ i dont want to trade with you for magicka (its low price, for 1$ you can have it on humble bundle) so i think is bad for my part if i try to trade with theses games :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank god for the Humble Bundle!

No one want free ganes? :frowning: first time i see that on internet. I think the end of the world, life and reality gonna be soon… XDDDD

well, thats very generous of you, but i would hate to take this away from someone more deserving… :smile:

I studied the latest humble bundle pack when it came out, and the only game (so far) I’m semi-interested in is Magicka. But I can pay a dollar for it, so I’m not asking for your giveaway :wink: I have never played it, hardly watched anything on YT either.

Is it good? Worth spending time on? With my existing projects and Stonehearth alpha aroud the corner I won’t have much time, how much do one need to play to finish it? Will finishing it be filled with satisfaction or frustration?

@tkh Magick is one of the most funny games for play with friends, who will try to kill you everytime instead of make the campaing or help XD.

The game is simple: 8 spells, some weapons and one of the most stupid/funny storys i ever seen on indiegames. You can mix the spells, like rock + fire, and you will have something like a meteor for kill your enemies, for example.

Try it, is funny ^^.

I see you also humbly bundle your extra gains!

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