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Hey all you helpless people out there! Have you ever craved a game but could never find it?, I know I have! (After that evil bloke @thorbjorn42gbf got me addicted to Order Of The Stick). Well, do I got a Forum Topic for you! (The answer is yes by the way.)

Here is how this is going to work:

  • Person 1 says "Oh, Hey guys I am looking for a cheap FPS I could probably play for a couple hours or maybe complete the campaign in one power session. Can you help me out?

  • Then Person 2 would reply “Check out some of the old Battlefield or Call of Duty games,”

  • Then Person 1 would say " Thanks @Person 2, I will certainly check those out!" or will say " I already checked those games out, Any others you could recommend?"

And yes, It really is as simple as that!

So to start off, Thanks to @thorbjorn42gbf, I am now addicted to a certain comic. Which in turn is now making me crave a Dungeon Crawler, I now regret not backing Darkest Dungeon on Kickstarter and have Pre-ordered it but to fill the time between when the Alpha/Beta is released what do you suggest?


Grins evily.
I don’t know any good dungeon crawler games but you could begin playing Pen and Paper Role Play,


I’m looking for a good RTS that will keep me entertained for a few hours at a time and isn’t too complex. I would also like it to be relatively cheap. If it’s on a Gaming Platform like Steam that would also be great for me.

You get me addicted to a comic based on Dungeon Crawling, Fully well knowing that there are no good dungeon crawling games. You evil son of a gun!

I would say starcraft but you said you wanted cheap

Well, Starcrafy could be good, as it has a great reputation in the Gaming Community. I’ll maybe get it, but I don’t want to empty my Wallet.

Now, I was just looking at Diablo III, and it seems Kick @$$, but it’s just as expensive as Starcraft II.

Maybe get Starcraft 1 and try it out before you make any decisions and maybe do the same with Diablo 1. It has been so long since they first came out they should be relatively cheap now.

Well, is Diablo III significantly better than Diablo I, and is Starcraft II better than Starcraft !?

sorry to say it but it’s based on the dungeon and dragons 3,5 rule set not dungeon crawling games but yes it is addictive and yes it is my fault.

*bows down, Can you forgive me @Newf?

You could say that I should just get both Diablo III and Starcraft II, but I only have $119 in my Wallet and I do not want to empty it.

I know but I have already played Dungeons and Dragons hundreds of times but right now I want a dungeon crawling game.

If you can find me a good dungeon crawler yes.

The real question you should be asking is " Do I need that money for anything else? " Or " Will I need that money later? "

Yes, you are right. I am thinking of saving my Money for later, but I do want to buy a game right now. If I can’t make my decision, I’ll just buy Minecraft instead.

Kept me going for years. It is a good investment.

when you get bored and begins to build decorated glass pyramids covered in lave that houses a throne of diamond you can begin using mods and stuff and then everything becomes fun again (yup i am a no-lifer) :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, considering that MC is cheaper than the other games (It’s Only $27 USD) and that it has a good reputation in the Gaming Community, I am considering the game.

Speaking of MC, how do you install and remove Mods?

as far as a good (recent) dungeon crawl… Legend of grimrock is pretty excellent…

if you are lazy you could just use technic platform if not. let’s take it when you reach that part.

I’ve decided I’ll buy MC. I’ll maybe buy the Deluxe Versions of SC2 and D3 once I get enough spare Cash.

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well good luck then :). ah money what a strange thing. The times when you had money… and then i became a pathfinder GM. and began to cosplay and play more games. :fearful:

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