Looking for a new board game

Hey guys,
I’ve been looking for a new board game to play and need help. Ive been looking for a miniatures RPG style game and came across Descent: Journeys in the Dark and Super Dungepn Explore. What I am looking for is a game that carries forward exp and items after a “round” is complete. I don’t know if either of these games do that so if anyone has played either of these and can give some feedback I’d appreciate it!
On a side note, I loved playing Mordheim and Necromunda so if anyone knows of a game similar to those I’d love to hear about em.

Eclipse is an amazing board game although the learning curve is a bit steep and it is monopoly length. I highly reccomend it.

It doesn’t really add up to your demands, and it’s more a card game… but I loved munchkin…


Munchkin is great! I asked for Smash Up for christmas. Anyone played it?

So you want an RPG type board game that carries forward exp between games. You could try the Pathfinder board/card game (not the pen and paper rpg). It seems excellent but doesn’t offer the miniatures aspect. Other than that the Ravenloft board game from Wizards is also great. It has some cousins with other characters. An Underdark one and a Dragon one.

Smash Up is fun. Has a tad too much reading to get on the table very often (My dad isn’t a native speaker so anything with too many words slows the game down considerably), but I’m going to assume that’s not an issue for you :stuck_out_tongue: You just get all fun. It’s also quick to learn and pick up, so you’ll be ready to go without much effort.

If you’re looking for quick n dirty games, let me also recommend Love Letter and King Of Tokyo (made by the Smash Up folks). Love Letter is super cheap and super quick and super fun. It’s… SUPER.

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Hehe…I love Munchkin…any game with that kind of humour, plus being as good as it is=amazing!
And thanks for the suggestions so far…got some research to do now :slight_smile:

Pre-Posting Edit: Oh, look. I misread your initial request. I’m not erasing what I wrote, so here it is anyway. Please note that I acknowledge the fact that some of my information does not pertain to the topic. If this offends you, notify a moderator.

For a Tabletop RPG, I’d suggest signing up for the 5th Edition D&D Next Playtest. It’s free, so if you don’t like it, you haven’t even spent any money! If you don’t mind paying money, I’d suggest D&D Red Box Starter Set (4th Edition) or the Pathfinder Beginner’s Box.

The D&D Red Box includes everything you need to create a 1st-level charatcer, with rules to get you ll the way to 30, along with an adventure that should get you to level 2. Also in it are:

  • 1 (One) set of 6 dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20)
  • Power cards for characters up to level two, I believe.
  • Character tokens and monster tokens.

The Pathfinder Beginner’s Box is designed to take a character up to 5th level, however it sort of drops you off there and assumes you’ve bought other material. I can’t find it right now, so I can’t tell you all of what’s in it, but it’s a very nice beginner’s box, nicely packaged and presented, much more so that the Red Box.

I also can’t tell you about the RPGs that you listed, as I have yet to get into them. I also have recommendations for board games that aren’t necessarily RPGs, as follows:

  • Settlers of Catan (2-6 player competitive game, no EXP. and technically one miniature.)
  • Pandemic (4-player cooperative board game, no EXP.)
  • Forbidden Island (4-player co-op game, no EXP. By the same people who made Pandemic.)
    Also, try Elder Sign, or Dragon Age. I would also like to recommend the online show called Tabletop. It’s a weekly show that features Wil Wheaton and other guests playing board games.
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Lol…not offended at all :slight_smile:
I appreciate any and all suggestions, but I am looking for games I can play with my kids that might get them interested in something other than XBox.
I played D&D in my younger years and still do occasionally, when life (and wife) permit!
As for the list @spoolicus listed, I am a huge fan of Catan. The others will get added I my research list for sure!
And yeah, I watch Tabletop religiously…hated Will Wheaton in Star Trek but man, I could totally see myself sitting across the table with him geeing it up :slight_smile:

Idea my new Friend Why not get @Pepe’s Board Game when it comes out? it is about Stonehearth.
You should check the Minecraft meet up Topic to find it
Now Good Luck!, God Bless, and whatever you do Don’t get a pet Duck you never know when it may have a secret Identity…
(check the link to understand)

Look up “Kingdom Death: Monsters”

That is all.

A game for kids? Well, why didn’t you say so!

Quarriors. It’s a little like a deck-building game, but with dice. You build up a dice-deck and use it to capture more dice and attack the other players. It’s easy enough that older players can help young’ins out with capturing dice, and the younger ones can just have fun rolling lots and lots of dice.

Not really an RPG game but the board game Pandemic is very cool. There are some videos on youtube about it. Very cool co-op game.

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I had to pick up Quarriors after I played it with some friends. My 8 year old loves it. He also likes Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, anything with pieces really. I am going to try and teach him D&D over winter break. Pathfinder, not the pseudo role-playing mess of 4th ed. Hopefully he can stay interested even with the lack of toys.

My favorite board game would have to be “Soviet Dawn”.

Descent: Journeys in the Dark has a campaign that ships with the game which is advertised to last something like 30 hours. The items and exp earned in each quest carries over throughout the whole campaign. It is an enjoyable game that I believe would be appropriate for children as long as they are old enough to grasp the rules and such.

A good friend and I have thus far gotten through half of the campaign in ~8-10 hours, with the addition of more people I could see the advertised time frame to be correct. The nice thing with the campaign is there are a lot of natural stopping points; so if you or your kids don’t want to power through the campaign in just a few sittings you don’t have to.

On a side note I was first attracted to the game by its miniatures and artistic style, which is pretty fantastic.

anyways, I hope that helps.

That’s exactly the kind of info I needed about these games! Thanks a lot!