Magicka (Vanilla and wizard wars)

Hey there guys!

I was wondering about wizard wars! (There was a giveaway 20 something days ago which I missed).
I loved the magicka vanilla game and want to ask you guys if wizard wars is worth the money?

What are the changes, the pros and cons etc :smile:

Thank you in advance!

It’s fun and all, but one of the big disappointments for me was the lack of 4 element magicks. IT also won’t let you combine fire and water to form a single steam element, or frost and water to make a single ice element, making it much harder to make anything remarkably cool/damaging. the majority of the game is filled with simple fire cones and such as a consequence.

Huh. That combination got me thinking that you might like this game: Doodle God - combine elements and re-create the world as we know it. It’s a flash game, but it’s pretty cool. If you like it a lot, there’s a sequel: Doodle God 2 - Play on Armor Games. :smile: Have fun, and sorry this is a little of topic.


I tried, butI stopped when water and fire created alcohol. :angry:

picked this up in the humble bundle a while ago for practically nothing. not played it yet. tbh i think i will finish all the other great games before i start it


Some combinations require a certain mind, I guess. Some are just plain weird, too.

A native english mind then.

Or something similar; it’s called Firewater in German too. At least, in some old, translated Western they usually refer to it as “Feuerwasser”.

I would have expected Steam, however.

I know it’s been a while since there has been a post in this thread!
But I just want to tell you guys that there has been an update that introduces Duel Mode!

It’s pretty fun!
They’ve temporarily replaced the 4v4 mode with dual mode because it’s a good way for them to find out how to balance the game!

Check it out if you haven’t already and discuss! :blush: