Grimoire: Manastorm (sale 10$/€)

Pretty fun Deathmatch/conquest game.
Where you are a wizard with one of the now 6 available grimoire’s

Each with ofcourse it’s own spells and abilities!
The game is action-teambased and can be played in either 1st of 3rd person!
It had a failed kickstarted but the team decided to make it anyway!
Today is the first day out of the alpha face!

The game is very fast paced and it offers at the moment two game modes:

Just Free For All Deathmatch!

Capture points on the map! The team with the higest score will eventually win, or when you capture all the points!

It’s build on the Unreal Engine (3)
Grimoire: Manastorm on Steam <-- Check it out :slight_smile:

It’s pretty empty on the servers but I had a game with 8/9 people this day!
Would be fun if more people played.

Edit: something went wrong with posting just now! So I’m adding some more information!


Looks rather nice sadly I am out of game money :frowning:

A shame indeed! It’s actually pretty addictive!

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It looks cool and I love games with magic.