Gnomoria - Now in Beta

Gnomoria has finally entered Beta with today’s update!

Updates from now on will be fortnightly, it sure is gonna be interesting to see how it progresses!


wait… what? was the game in an open/pay to enter alpha before?

i thought for sure i had downloaded a version… installed, and failed miserably after about 5 minutes of play…

either way, sounds good for the developers! :+1:

Wow this is great news! Yeah it was alpha before.

I read his post, he’s gonna add magic eventually too! I had always wondered / wanted.

Gnomoria, i have it on steam, and i buyed it before, on Indiegamestand. Probably, one of the best dollar i use for a indie game ^^. Now i think… why only 1$ and no 5$? T_T

Game was in Early Access Alpha on Steam and probably other places as well.

As I understand it it’s the effort of a single guy and the game I have but most hours into the past 6-9 months.

He is continually adding things to the game both visually and with the A to B transition also some sounds.

Both Gnomoria and Stonehearth are part of the Sandbox Game revival that seems to be going on and the moment :smile: