Kickstarter - Campaign Roundup V

hey folks… havent had one of these in a few months… :wink:

Epic Manager: Create your own Adventuring Agency!

Epic Manager is a unique Fantasy RPG Tycoon game for PC and Mac that lets you create your own Adventuring Agency! Rated “E” for EPIC!

Concrete Jungle

An indie video game about city planning and deck-building!


Well i was going to let @Newf say it but: God dammit @SteveAdamo some of us actually had finally saved some money and now this? My poor wallet


I’ll go with the epic manager one

I’ve backed Epic Manager as well, looks like something I would enjoy to play.

I really dig the artstyle as well :smiley:

Awesome i think i am going to back it too :slight_smile:

Oh Btw Armello from:

Has come out as a Beta and it is AWESOME (Though it crashes my laptop from time to time)