Kickstarter - Popup Dungeon [bonus: +4 more campaigns!] :p

my deepest apologies to @Newf, and anyone else who clicks through on this particular campaign (for you will lighten your pocketbook)… this, looks like it will be all sorts of ridiculous fun… :smile:

Popup Dungeon is a roguelike dungeon crawler that lets players create any weapon, any ability, and any character they can imagine.

p.s. i’m reading up on 6 other campaigns now, so this thread may get supplemented later today… :wink:


Oh Steve, you just love tempting us with your campaigns, don’t you? :stuck_out_tongue:

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@SteveAdamo Please stop flooding the Forums with these awesome games and making us all broke!

Have you got no soul?

DAMN IT @SteveAdamo!!!

You could have posted this BEFORE I spent all my money on ESO

You really spent $70 on a Game?

Less than that…

i do indeed! :smile:

i… do not… as a result, here’s 4 more campaigns i found intriguing in some form or fashion! :wink:

Flying Hamster II

A Full HD action-RPG platformer by Game Atelier: Newton is back and is now a keen swordfighter with transformation capabilities.

i’m not a huge platformer, but the production value is off the charts here…

The Breakout

lovely looking point and click adventure… i want to see more ingame footage, but so far, it looks nice!

Sneak, steal, build and dig your way out of a high security Prisoner of War camp during WW2. How far can YOU get?

Four Sided Fantasy

this … is an odd one… :smile:

From the level designer of Perspective comes a successor to his award-winning game The Fourth Wall, a game about limits of the screen.


not a huge space fan, but the idea looks promising… :smiley:

Build, fly, and smash orbiting stations made out of space junk in this physics-driven strategy game set in Earth’s far future.

You are a horrible person. I hope you realise that.


Maybe a title change is in order as there’s now four more… :smile:

Now I’m serious. :angry:

so much anger… its almost as if you would prefer i didnt post these wonderful campaigns, that virtually steal all your hard earned coins… :smile:

thanks… updated with new cheesy title! :+1:


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I have to pout for those! I am pretty sure you get paid by the devs to post these.

You’ll never kill @SteveAdamo… he’s my employer and he maintains balance! :scream:

Don’t you realize that he pays you Minimum Wage?

Not even that. He doesn’t pay me. But I have to work for him, I’m bound by soul.


Don’t you realize that you’ve sealed your fate?

true enough… but the perks speak for themselves… remember the “lab” i set up for you earlier this year? i see you’ve put it to good use…


Looks more like a Mad Scientist’s Laboratory than a Gaming Lair to me . . .

It’s both! I just put it to good use… both with the Steve Cloning Machine and also gaming.

Can you clone yourself so I can have a personal @SteveAdamo to do my Dirty Work, such as murdering the other @SteveAdamo helping out the Forums and being awesome.