Kickstarter - DUELYST

i’m not entirely sure this is my own cup of tea, but the concept art and pixel art are just absolutely gorgeous… thought perhaps some of you may be interested:wink:

Squad-Based Tactical Combat with Ranked Competitive Play. Brought to you by veterans from Diablo III and Rogue Legacy.


Now your asking me to hunt you down and end you.

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i’ll kick my own keister for ya… i was reading up on the title a bit more, and now i think i’m sold as well… le sigh

p.s. i had two other campaigns which i refrained from mentioning… :smile:

Just mention them, How much worse can my money situation get?

very well! i only (briefly) skimmed these campaigns… at first blush, they looked like they warranted further investigation…

Proven Lands

Earthlock: Festival of Magic

A Druid’s Duel (just noticed)

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I regret my previous statement.

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