Kickstarter - Alteil Horizons

any card game fans out there? im not a huge fan myself, but i usually appreciate the art style on display…

and this one seems to have some impressive artists on board… have a look:smiley:

Collectible card gaming meets turn-based tactics in a Japanese RPG-style online game by the creators of Star Ocean & Valkyrie Profile.

I used to play Alteil as a browser game. It was interesting b/c you didn’t draw a random card off the top and hope for the best; you actually got to pick which cards you’d draw. It allowed for a much stronger sense of tactics. That in combination with the way they did resources made it a far more strategic game than Magic or many of the other early ccgs.

However, I’ve found that digital card games just don’t have the same allure that physical card games do - the personal interactions of poker, magic, etc. just make the physical games vastly superior. I backed Solforge heavily as it was a Magic Pro + Magic creater Richard Garfield really taking advantage of the digital environment with evolving cards. While enjoyable, I still much prefer going to my local store for tourneys.

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I saw this. The original game was lots of fun with good game design and strategy. The business model had major “pay to win” flaws, namely “pay and pay and pay to still not win” with it being strategically necessary to have three copies of each card in your deck for which it was possible to sink huge amounts of money into the game while trying to acquire sets of powerful rare cards and never getting anywhere. The game eventually collapsed into a small group of ancient players with new players having no chance at winning once they got into the general player arena. I’d be curious to see if this new incarnation has made any effort to overcome that gaping weakness of the old game.

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I find the issues with money input are more of a problem with CCGs than any specific game. The exception to this is of course digital ones with extra cards being earned solely through time and skill, of course that’s incredibly unlikely to happen here as I don’t think I’ve seen it used in a multiplayer CCG but you never know. The ability to earn everything functional without microtransactions is important anyway even if games seem to be able to screw it up fairly regularly. Of course I’m not much of a fan of CCG’s anyway so I think I’ll avoid it. Besides I’ve got enough games I’m waiting for already and I really don’t need to increase the list.

I’m not too fond of playing them myself, but my god, if I had the funds and a secret room to store them in I would collect the hell out of them.

It’s the pretty pictures that do it.

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ok, we’re definitely siblings…

i have collected about 3-4 (almost) full sets of Magic cards… and have never played a single game… :smile:

i simply collect them to enjoy the art, and to a certain extent, for the sake of finding those elusive cards in a given set…

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Well, that does tend to happen when you have the same parents!

I downloaded the game on Xbox as it was free and all, the pictures get me all excited, the gameplay … not so much.

I’ll also have you know I am the proud owner of complete sets of the original, jungle and fossil Pokemon card. I never did complete the gym leader and rocket sets :cry:

Sounds like you’d like the idea of a living card game (LCG). It is an evolution of the CCG idea except when you buy a pack of cards it is more of a box and you get every card in the set. New sets come out every few months to keep the collecting aspect, but there is no “hunt the rare” and no “box of 2000 commons with nothing to do”. I think they remade the old Netrunner game in this format and there is supposed to be a Middle Earth game that is an LCG, too. Not sure about any others.

You’d get to see all the pretty pictures at once.

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if i werent already in a somewhat committed relationship with @Geoffers747… settle for a firm handshake? perhaps a high-five? :hand:

thanks though… will definitely give this a closer look… :smile:

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Complete opposite for me, like playing them but hate the collecting aspect.

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This is me completely.

My brother-in-law was working on a program that would let you play with any card ever made. (It was a database program with some added table mechanics and a display. It didn’t keep track of card mechanics or anything.) All you would have had to do was create a database of the card image. (It was made specific for Magic: the Gathering, but was built to be extensible for other games with similar mechanics.) Then he graduated and got a job and has been too busy to finish the project. :sigh:

I guess I’ll have to go back to the old standby of writing the names of cards on other cards. But then I don’t get to see the pretty pictures. :sad:

Just not my style :frowning:

Am I the only one who likes both aspects? If I had the funding, I would hoard cards in their 100s until I had them all. But I also really like playing too.

As for the pay to win thing, I know what you mean. Very annoying, considering they already have your money. FIFA are guilty of it on Ultimate Team. Me and @Geoffers747 discussed the insanity of pouring money (literally, some of my friends have probably spent about £200/$300 on packs) just to then get the next FIFA and none of it matter. I wish everyone would boycott pay to win things, but sadly no…

A CCG I feel that isn’t so guilty of this though is Hearthstone. Perhaps it’s because it’s still in Beta so people don’t have decks full of legendary cards, but even then they’re not unbeatable. The YouTuber I watch, Broloth, can play the basic deck that they give you, with only common cards in it, and win. You just need to be good at the game.


i believe you mentioned him in the hearthstone thread… i really need to give him a watch… he has quite a few in the LP series…

Indeed I did, I’m doing my best to advertise him because he only gets a few hundred viewers and I think he deserves far more, even if he is a new channel :smile:

i didnt realize he was a new youtuber… he seemed like a natural, and again, already has a ton of content…

ahh, to have that elusive spare time… :smile:

Mmmm, channel created 3 weeks ago. Super impressive then that he has 95 videos already, totalling to 16 hours and 19 minutes of video footage.

Oh I know how you feel, I’m struggling to keep up, I only missed his videos for 3 days and now there’s nearly 30 to watch…

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