Kickstarter - Campaign Roundup!

wow… some really impressive titles on tap today…

first up is Armello:

A digital card and board game of heroes and high-adventure set in the fairy-tale animal kingdom of Armello!

just … gorgeous… the premise looks to be a blast, and this campaign seems to have it all, with beautiful concept art, in-game art, video shorts… outstanding music tracks… a host of neat backer stretch goals…

just very, very slick… :+1:

i’ll let these next two campaigns speak for themselves… both a little odd (especially the last one)… :smile:

Mark of the Old Ones

Enjoined by an unfathomable deity, rediscover a derelict eldritch civilization, teeming with ghastly horrors and wondrous beauty.


An RPG adventure game. Can you survive the harsh and unforgiving environment of a prison? “Game ain’t based on sympathy.”

PLEASE NOTE: this campaign is not for the feint of heart… it’s pretty … … gruesome… :wink:


Why do you do this? Why do you force us to spend our money? You, my sir, are the devil.

i do, almost, feel guilty… but that royalty check from KS makes it easier to sleep at night!

if only!

i am almost certainly pledging to Armello… just far too interesting to pass up on the $14 option…


Damn it Steve! May Armok curse you and may your soul be cast into Oblivion!

Oh my gosh… Armello looks awesome!

I can’t wait to troll everyone playing the game when I become the King as a Rot Bunny! :smile:

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With the blood of your enemies of course.

Wow, Armello almost met half of their funding goal in just ~3 days… Impressive!

the big question is where do i get 55$ i NEED the bandits but when i have bought my white colors for my cosplay and i have put money on my mobile i don’t have any money :frowning:

Play poker against Geoffers, it’s guaranteed cash.


and there is gameplay videos out for Armello :slight_smile:

ooooh, nice… thanks for the heads up! :+1:

It only needs 37.500 AUD now :slight_smile: and it speeded a bit up again after the gameplay videos. :+1:

If i hadn’t choosen the bandit tier already i would have upgraded to get this:

Also if anyone is backing as Scribe you can upgrade to Scribe+ now it includes the audio books :slight_smile:

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Armello is now founded :smile:

And here is the latest Armello update:
they have reached the winter tiles stretch goal and ALL who backs up to first tier get 2 extra characters

if it reaches 250K which it needs 15k for the languages Dutch Portuguese Russian Korean and Japanese will be supported

there is now 45 hours to go

it has just rolled through 1000 AUD in 20 minutes wow

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25 hours to go and only 10k until all backers get a new hero if it gets 1,2k every hour from now they will reach a fourth hero all backers get.

also the game now comes in Dutch Portuguese Russian Korean and Japanese too

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And Armello are founded :slight_smile:
This is the last update
but if you planned to back but didn’t have the money they have a paypal for it

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And Armello is coming to steam on early access the 22nd January :slight_smile:

wow, excellent! this one had been off my radar since the campaigns conclusion…

thanks for the reminder! :smiley: :+1:

It has become a really fun game with a lot of replayability :slight_smile:

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