Kickstarter - Novus AEterno

aside from being awfully… confident, this looks like a pretty stellar strategy game:wink:

it does look pretty deep in design (at little too much so, for my tastes personally), and the setting isnt my favorite (quite the salesman, arent i?)… but the campaign looks well thought out, and the development very solid…

strategy fans may want to give this a look! :+1:

The LARGEST STRATEGY GAME ever built!! Negotiate, Trade, Dominate, Deceive in a Persistent Universe with thousands of players.

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It looks pretty darn awesome!

Strategy… I like some. :wink:

Im tempted to start slaughtering unicorns to avenge every euro @SteveAdamo has made me spend on indie games


I’ve got the same, but then it’s more likely to avenge every euro I wanted to spend on those indie games… since I dun have any T_T Eating noodles all week! Wohoo

Some people say living by yourself without your parents is the best but for gamers living with your parents before you can move out is the best time of your life because you can just buy game after game after game not having to worry about buying food, Mortgage, Taxes, Electricity etc. The only worry is keeping your parents happy with good grades.

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You describe my situation in such detail, you’re only leaving out the tears of stress hahah j/k it’s not that bad… yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: On topic: I might turn to my GF with my sweet innocent eyes

@Ghost I get the idea ur an adult, and ur talking about GFs… Just ask @KingMooCow. I have a lot and I mean a lot of stories that involve stuff like that. To make it even better, I’m in almost all of them XD.
And I’m 12.
Don’t give me dat crap about GFs.

annnnnd, back to the KS campaign…

After watching a bit more on the kickstarter page I’m still pretty curious how it works out… I just wonder if they found the right way to keep people intrested even though they got beaten for the 127th time.

@EvanX3oooo, I would hardly call myself an adult ^^

Well ur 20 I’m 12 you seem adult-ish to me.
U saw my PM, so that should clear it up.

Right, but back on track,

Would you guys keep on playing even if you get defeated for let’s say… the 4th time?
And since I’m still planning on buying planetary annihilation… I might have to wait…

Looks great and of course i throwed my money on them :wink:

The creator/s sound unusually confident about a product that appears to require more than what it’s asking for the type of scale that it described to not only develop but maintain & operate. But then who am I to judge. :stuck_out_tongue:

It will be interesting to see how it will turn out, in the long run.

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Hey, they make good chocolate and good cheese there so they should be able to code this great game :wink:

They had initially a goal of 200k but they got some money from some bigger investor, so they restarted the campaign with a new goal.

. Novus AEterno: Re-launched (Canceled) by Taitale Studios —Kickstarter

It’s better than 75k and I hope it works out for them in the long run and they don’t have to put up an unfair item shop after a year like so many other games with similar money consumption.

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ahhh, my son is older than both of you (almost put together). No, I’m not feeling old at all… :stuck_out_tongue:

Watching this video makes my teeth hurt from the micro management…
Youtube Novus AEterno

i concur… still, some folks are gluttons for micromanagement punishment… :smile:

I don’t see how being old is a good thing…

honestly @Newf… im in the early stages of hulking out on you…

please. dont. make. me. angry.

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